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  1. thanks Raz for your helpful information! Dietrich
  2. Hello, I have the same problem. EGKA does not start in P3d_v5 HF1 with Orbx EU England. On a landing approach, the Sim crashes about 6 Miles before Shoreham. So Shoreham in P3d_v5 is not compatible for me. Regards Dietrich errorlog: VCRUNTIME140.dll or: KERNELBSE.dll
  3. Hello Raz, I have the same problem. LGKO does not start in P3d_v5 HF1. On a landing approach, the Sim crashes about 10 Miles before Kos. So Kos in P3d_v5 is not compatible for me. Regards Dietrich
  4. Hello everyone; I have solved my problem. The PNW ferries add-on is free of foreign disturbing ferries. But I do not know which of my measures has brought success. Removing the backup file PNW_ferries_complete backup did not change anything. In SimObject / Boats I found the following 3 files with a possible relation to my problem; ferry1, ferry2, wash_ferry_sm. In the respective texture there was a reference to scenery / global / texture. After backup I deleted these files. Even if I no longer see any standard ferries worldwide, it is worth it for a clean PNW ferry scenery. Thanks again Larry for your help
  5. Thanks Larry, Thanks for your help. My old idiot hadn't thought about integrating the PNW ferries via the .xml method when I asked. I don't have a backup of the earlier LR_PNW_ferries_complete installation like mauryp. The problem is still with me. When I uninstall the Orbx PNW ferries, all default ferries remain at the terminals and on the courses - static and active. When I reinstall PNW ferries, the default ferries are still there, particularly annoying at the Swartz Bay Terminal, Annacortes, Nanaimo and Pender Island. I have put all relevant bgl files with the name trafficboats or similar on inactive, but I will continue to search, especially for the remains of the earlier PNW ferry scenery. First of all, thanks again for the beautiful ferry scenery. Cheers,
  6. Hi there, I have the same problem. Bulky, little detailed foreign ferries - static and active - at many terminals, on the water or on cliffs stranded . The H. Nielsen ship catalog does not show any of these types of ferries. I deleted all trafficboats files in scenery / world / scenery - without success. I had installed the earlyer version of Larrys PNW Ferrys, but deleted it as far as I can see. My question: Where can I find the LR_PNW_ferries_complete file to be deleted as a solution? Cheers Dietrich
  7. I had the same problem. Install OLC NA new, with me it helped. Simply delete the FTX_OLC_NA.TXT in the folder ORBX \ User Documents \ Versions, start FTX Central and install OLC NA new. I received this information in the german forum
  8. Thank you for the presentation of my hometown and surroundings
  9. airberlin is insolvent and endet the flight operations in two days, therefore: "the last flight"
  10. [img ]https://i.imgur.com/I9CUHBl.jpg[/img]
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