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  1. Hi Holger, Yes I have Antartica, after untick it in the librairi of FSX, all is perfect, autogen is there !!! Thank you very much !
  2. Hi Holger, I updated my signature with all my order numbers. To be more precise, autogen is missing in all the south of the south island, from Queenstown, from the west to the east, a very large area. I re-installed completely NZ South Island, with the patch and then the object libraries. Autogen is still missing. I disabled antivirus and firewall during installation. Also, I tried to disable other sceneries in the scenery library in FSX.
  3. I have no autogen, houses and trees in the area of Invercargill and Queestown area ? Even SP2 NZSI !
  4. Hi, You must know all was done on windows XP and now on my 2 computers with Windows 7, it's not good . However the others addon NA are good !!! It's a french version of FS X .
  5. Hi Tim, Yes I tried to switch to default then to NA. I also looked at FSX folders to see if any changes were done and they are. I could try to completely uninstall CRM to reinstall it, don't you think? Unfortunately as I mentioned in my first post, there is no uninstaller available. Do you know how I can uninstall CRM without any uninstaller?
  6. Here is a screenshot of Yellowstone Park . Another information: I installed CRM on my other computer where I also have AU and NA sceneries installed and it works well. Don't you think CRM needs NA to work correctly?
  7. Hi, I have some problem after installing CRM. I downloaded all files, installed everything correctly (I guess as I didn't get any error), configured FTX Central to North America. But it seems I didn't get the right textures and the right scenery in FSX. I took off from the Yellowstone airport and didn't see any of the textures I saw on your videos and screenshots. I guess this is still the default FSX scenery as the loading is as fast as previously. However I see the FTX sceneries in the FSX Scenery Library. I tried to uninstall CRM but unfortunately there is no uninstall entry in Windows Software uninstaller. I reinstalled CRM but I still get the same situation. For your information, this is almost a fresh FSX Acceleration install: I only have a scenery in Paris, France and CRM. Any idea, clue or anything? Thank you Gerard Bernery Order #FSS0116209 Windows 7 64bits, French
  8. Is there for FsDiscover, Ozx 3.0 Airports.dat or Ozx 3.0 Points of Intrest.dat ? Thanks for answer. Bernery
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