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  1. Wanted to Thank You and Ian for your quick response and help. I made that new Library location and it fixed everything. Once again...... "Thank You for your help" Walt
  2. Smudge, my Orbx Library folder is located in C:\user\walt\Orbx Library
  3. Hi Smudge. This is where my Orbx files from Central went.... Global Base, Buildings, Trees, Open LC North America And Object flow are in C:\users\walt\Orbx Library\ My Regions Central Rockies, Northern Ca, Pacific NW and Southern Ca and all my airports and Libraries are in E:\program files\Lockheed Martin\prepar3dv5 Sim Objects Display Engine is in C:\users\walt\appdata\roaming\Orbx\Central\SODE I have a feeling something in not quite with this. Walt
  4. Had to reinstall P3Dv5 and also Orbx again. In OG39 there is supposed to be buildings, and a horse and people at end of runway. They are missing! I installed all the global (Base Pack, Buildings, Trees HD, and Open Land Class NA) into the Main folder locations. All the rest I installed into the P3Dv5 folders. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks Walt and Happy Flying.
  5. Nick, That was what the problem was. Thank you very much. Walt (Happy Flying)
  6. Thank you Nick. I'll see if that was the problem. Thanks for the quick response. Walt
  7. I fly multiplayer with two other people. We flew from KOXC (Oxford CT) to KBID (Block Island). Scenery at KBID was the same for all three of us except, they both had people moving around and my scenery for KBID had no people showing up at all. Not sure how to fix this. I reinstalled KBID and nothing changed. I also checked the settings in config for KBID and nothing turned off there either. Hope someone can help me fix this. Thank You. Walt (Happy Flying)
  8. Nick, Thank you I will check it out now. Again Thank You
  9. Have no idea why this is happening. Any suggestions
  10. P3Dv5 just released a Hotfix for this problem today. I had the same problem with the plane crashing and this Hotfix corrected tis and a lot more.
  11. Nick, I think I have everything set (Thanks to you) and wanted to say thank you for your help. It was greatly appreciated. Walt
  12. I will thank you Nick, I'm totally amazed how quick I got you. I can't thank you enough. I'll do that now and keep you informed. Thank you for your support. Walt I'll be back and keep you updated
  13. Nick do you know where that "Backup" file would be? I'm not sure where to look? Thanks
  14. Thanks Nick, Not giving up. I reinstalled P3Dv5. Reinstalled all my Orbx scenery. But I do keep getting the error "Some errors were detected whilst installing Orbx Libraries. 1 file failed to extract. I also noticed that with OG39 Longview ranch, the Building, Horse, People scenery is missing. And with KSNC (Chester Airport) that is big problem as the addon is above scenery below it and not even enough room to take off from, you go down a cliff. I do appreciate you trying to help me though. Thank You, Walt Nick there is one more think that might be apart of my problem, With
  15. Having some problems with P3Dv5 on Orbx Scenery installation. Installed and uninstalled P3Dv5 about 4 times already. So I gave up for now and uninstalled the P3Dv5 completely and went back to Prepar3Dv4 until things get corrected. Kind of upset that there's another $59.00 spent on P3Dv5 and I can't even use it with Orbx. And I have a lot of Orbx scenery. Anyone know if Orbx is working with Lockheed Martin to get both programs working in harmony? I like the Orbx and Prepar3Dv5 and would love to get them installed and working properly. Thanks Walt..... "Happy Flying"
  16. I uninstalled and Reinstalled P3Dv5 three times. When I ran FTX Central when I tried run the install Library,I got the following message " Some errors were detected whilst installing Orbx Libraries. The program may not function if these issues are ignored." "1 file failed to extract, run verify file." I ran verify file" but still have some problems. I noticed that when I looked into my scenery file, the following items were greyed out: Global, Generic Vehicle libraries, 0005 Base, Default Scenery, and Default Terrain. So all four of these are greyed out. I installed KSNC (Chester) and ther
  17. Installing "All" my scenery into the Main folder. Still working on it and will let you know if I can boot up P3D. Thanks again Walt
  18. Hi Smudger. Thank you for the quick response. Im sure its something I did when installing Orbx, I was confused where to install the scenery and I started to put them in the main , but then I think I out some of the installs in the P3d folder. And I'm sure that's not a good thing. But.... what ever I did put me in a bad spot. Because not I can't even get P3d to boot up and it crashes. So now I cant even start the p3d.. I am going to uninstall some of the Orbx scenery and see if I can get a P3d boot. Thank you for your response and I'll try and keep in touch with you. I think I am going to reins
  19. Had to reinstall Prepar3dv4. Reloaded most of my Orbx scenery but am missing object and movement. Example OG39 there should be a horse and Helicopter and other objects but there missing. Tried loading scenery in the prepar3dv4 folder, and even tried to reinstall it into the main directory and nothing. Wondering what I did wrong. I also tried to use Migration and that didn't work either. Thanks Walt
  20. Thank you very much. Thought I was doing something wrong. Appreciate all your help. Have a great day and keep flying high.
  21. Just went to the ORBX home page and looked at the KORS details and this is what they qu ote "Discover not only the airport as it appears today, but explore the entire island, with resorts, old watchtowers, animated birdlife and orcas, keen fishermen, boating and much more. " So we should be seeing some movement in X-plane 11.
  22. Hi Jon, Yes there is supposed to be birds singing, phones ringing, people moving etc. And I am not getting this in KORS for X-Plane 11. Not sure why. Must have some files located in the wrong place. Unless for sure there is not supposed to be any movement in X-Plane 11 KORS. I am thinking it's like P3d version, with the whales popping out and people moving and sounds in the back ground as in P3D. Hope maybe someone can fill us in on this. Have a great day, will wait to hear from you or others on this matter.
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