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  1. Well blow me - who'd've thought that ? Ok, I'll bow to Google's superior - and rather obvious - photographic evidence and wend my way across that wasteland knowing what it could look like with tree's all over the place Nick, I really appreciate you taking the time on this, thank-you very much
  2. Thanks for the replies, really appreciate it..... @ve2dgz - will try that and report back later. @Nick - aye, that's pretty much what I'm seeing but only when the LC add-on is not installed. All sliders are as per Orbx recommendations and the Libraries were the last thing installed. I'll try the resync to simulator and hope that works. Thank-you. Edit: the resync made no difference, sadly. Any further idea's / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hoping you fella's are still giving support to FSX users but noticed this problem whilst at KBFK today: With OpenLc_NA installed: With OpenLc_NA removed: Installed: Removed: With Lc_NA installed the surrounding area looks like a nuclear wasteland - albeit greenish - with the odd tree and sporadic building here and there; however when removed all the expected scenery add-ons, trees and buildings etc. are in situ and as one would expect. I recently had to reinstall FSX:SE along with the Orbx add-ons including Global and Vector (and done so in the recommended order of course). Any thoughts or suggestions on why this happens when the LC package is installed and what can be done to rectify it or should I uninstall all Orbx products and start again from scratch ? edit: installation done using Central v4.1.28 TIA Kevin
  4. One more for the pot, so to speak; used to breed rabbits years ago and a young 'un was called a kit (presumably shortened from kitten).
  5. Seamless install that appears to have also resolved a recurring issue I'd been having with stalled d/loads (Win 10 / FSX:SE user).
  6. Great shots of the old Carvair, Martyn. Wouldn't it be nice to see a new rendition of the Bristol Freighter too ?
  7. If I may suggest/request: 1L9 - Parowan, Utah 41U - Manti-Ephraim, Utah please and thank-you ;-) Kevin
  8. For consideration please: N19 - Aztec Municipal, NM. Small 'field that appears to be set in a depression https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Aztec+Municipal+Airport/@36.8353614,-108.0281874,1707m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xc26ea840ef33daf2!8m2!3d36.834726!4d-108.028402 Thanks for your continued great work
  9. Fawlty Towers. In particular, any line said by Ballard Berkeley (Major Gowen) who must've been born for that role.
  10. Great shots, John - and isn't that Tri-Pacer an absolute peach ?
  11. Echo these sentiments 100% - especially the part regarding the axe...... Just seems odd where a vote goes to how good an aircraft is looking - not the scenery, which is what I thought it was all about. Oh well, maybe I missed something but not losing any sleep over it as whichever way you look at it, there's some pretty amazing shots there ;-)
  12. Just about to depart UT25 (Monument Valley) a couple of days ago for a run to KGCN.....
  13. ATIS @ 100% VCP @ 50 % ATC Volume @ 70% Radio Noise @ 50% with 'Variation' ticked. And if your level of sound diminished during the flight, it's probably down to your set-up as, unsurprisingly, the PF3 volumes are 'fixed' at what you've set up.
  14. Problem now seems to be resolved; FTX & OLC library insertion points appear to have become reversed somehow. Don't know how, don't know why - maybe during a start-up sync phase the programme broke gas..... Thanks for all the help and support anyway.
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