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  1. One of my favourite airports! Great shots there!
  2. Yeah, beautiful approach Pisa too is a very interesting airport, i love to make a very short flight from Florence to Pisa with a light plane, and before to land to flight a bit along the coast. My lands, so i add a bit of fantasy like i was doing it really
  3. i didn't know it Beautiful pictures there (but with some black buildings?)
  4. Incredible, but true, i met Lady Diana and Prince Carlo with no other people around. They were in visit in Florence and they were going to visit a friend, Lord Acton, who owned 4 luxury houses around Florence. One for him, where to live, and the 0thers three rented to the Olivetti S.p.A., where my father worked. It was a casuality, i went to my father office and when i was still outside, a car came inside the big garden, there were inside Lady D and Carlo…. wow . It was funny, i was on my motorbike and i saluted them entusiastically and they saluted me as well, smiling. The incredible thing it was that no other people were outside, strange, just me and them, and a gardener a little bit far. Unforgettable experience for me.
  5. Happy birthday Matteo! I hope you'll have a very special day (not so warm like here eh eh eh)
  6. Happy Birthday John, to celebrate with a well aged glass of Whisky!
  7. @david broome explained everything in the correct way, sometimes it's possible anyway that some unknown Flying objects are not aliens but terrestrial prototypes obtained exploiting reverse technology from aliens, and it's true that we will know something more when we discover how the matter (and the anti-matter) works. Let's hope they don't find anything on Mars, otherwise we are able to destroy that planet too in the time
  8. yes, it just looks like Nice, great shots!!
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