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  1. Venice, Italy - Nice, France

    great shots!
  2. FTX EU Cote d'Azur - Nice and surround

    At the moments we have only two helipads, one from a boat near Montecarlo and the other from the hospital Archette2
  3. FTX EU Cote d'Azur - Nice and surround

    Yes, the Justsim airport is highly recommended My scenery includes a modified version of the default LFMN but the airport is not the main purpose of this scenery. The goal was to detail as much as possible the surround of the airport.
  4. FTX EU Cote d'Azur - Nice and surround

    When we notice a change in our computer is Always useful to remember what we did, if we installed something new or with doing some operation something went wrong, but not Always it's possible. Sometimes you try to remember but you are not sure. Computer is a world apart Thanks for your good feelings Stewart
  5. FTX EU Cote d'Azur - Nice and surround

    Hi Stewart, yes it was a strange thing, anyway i discovered that the NVIDIA control panel tray icon has been suppressed to load by the two most recent drivers, the explaination from NVIDIA is to not overcharge the system. You can get it back (NVIDIA experience also) creating a link on your desktop from the NVIDIA folder C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Control Panel Client and the file is nvcplui. Installing the latest driver will replace also the NVIDIA control panel settings from the desktop menu (right button of the mouse clicking on your desktop). I placed the icon on the start taskbar anyway. This thing made me fool for two days because i wanted to have the icon tray back and didn't find the right solution for that
  6. FTX EU Cote d'Azur - Nice and surround

    thanks guys Yes, the blue screen is subdole, expecially when you discover it depends on your antivirus. Pratically my AVG installed firewalled drivers for all the miniports, it seems like a driver duplication, or maybe are differents don't know. Graphic card, audio, and maybe some other thing on my MSI pc, and anyway this works, even if for instance the NVIDIA control panel now it's named as AVG, also the icon changed with the AVG one. The other pc, where i have Windows XP, has an acquisition card inside, and AVG firewalled something, the NVIDIA control panel didn't work anymore. NVTcp.sys caused the error, forcing the blue screen. Proceeding for attemps, in safe mode, uninstalling for first ASUS smart doctor that manages my NVIDIA card, then uninstalling the video card, then disabling those miniport drivers, all unuseful. At the end i uninstalled AVG Internet security and now it seems to work again, anyway this is an example like a software that you consider safe, can bring to your machine out. I continue to test, luckily it seems to be fixed but i am afraid anyway, i Always keep my pcs cleans, so they work properly but this was really unexpected
  7. FTX EU Cote d'Azur - Nice and surround

    I have more important problems now than the release of the new PACA. I have also my main pc out of order, blue screen and i can't find a solution. About new screenshots, the policy is to post something new only when a new beta release is available, i have advanced a lot since the latest build, but now i have for first to fix my pc, because without that i can't neither making the videos for work that usually do.
  8. FTX EU Cote d'Azur - Nice and surround

    Well, not only one The POIs are made with FSDS and 3DSMax, then there are all the others autogen items that belong to the ORBX libraries. The terrain instead is acquired with an ORBX program, so it's internal. Photoshop is required too for many operations
  9. YSCB v4

    Fantastic shots, expecially the last one! Love the reflex of the sun on the lake
  10. FTX EU Cote d'Azur - Nice and surround

    Thanks again guys for your nice comments! It's a challenge for me with this scenery, anyway the territory here is particularly inspiring, probably the most difficult i've ever made til now. Once time finished, even if i am definitely overtime, i think it will be something difficult to see everywhere when you consider this type of sceneries. My initial purpose was to reproduce a medium size area having the sensation to be above a real scenery, even with the limitations that the simulator has. And this is a need i have, because i search the same purpose and features in every game i play. And you know, great graphic, performance no problems, precision in the terrain rendering and overall impression that's fun and emotioning to fly there.
  11. P3d v4 trying a helicopter

    Shining shots Gianni! Cool the Heli too
  12. Geneva to Nice number 2

    Really a great set of shots!!!
  13. Dawn over Monaco

    It seems to be there
  14. Dawn over Monaco

    Great shots! Love the colours and the place!