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  1. Happy birthday Matteo! I hope you'll have a very special day (not so warm like here eh eh eh)
  2. Happy Birthday John, to celebrate with a well aged glass of Whisky!
  3. @david broome explained everything in the correct way, sometimes it's possible anyway that some unknown Flying objects are not aliens but terrestrial prototypes obtained exploiting reverse technology from aliens, and it's true that we will know something more when we discover how the matter (and the anti-matter) works. Let's hope they don't find anything on Mars, otherwise we are able to destroy that planet too in the time
  4. yes, it just looks like Nice, great shots!!
  5. For the people who play on consoles Subscription is a real bad idea. Many subscriptors, yes, but because they are "forced" to do that if they want to play online. They offers games to download for free each month and discounts on other games, but generally you download outlet games, good games yes, but games that usually people play only a bit, because it's for free, then they pass to other games. In our case i think it would remain the bad feeling to pay each month a fee, and like Tim says the difficulty to spot games to offer for free. People generally think that for the amount that the games already cost, it's unfair to pretend addictional money to play online, even if the servers have a cost, yes. Probably anyway the initial price would allow to mantain the servers as well, it's just a way to make more money. You are disposed to pay money for your favourite entertainment, but you don't like if you understand that they wanna earn more money from you, only partially justified. It's also true the speech about the quality offered because to create a good addon requires a lot of time.
  6. Great shots really Carlo! Here you can find the post to fix the autogen problem when you have YSCB airport and Cityscape Canberra
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