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  1. it's true Obviously Ace7 is not rich of details like in P3D, and this to grant you that sensation of speed that unless they couldn't reach in the same way (in GTA 5 we have an example of a good compromise, excellent graphic detail and speed granted, but the scenery is pretty small). UInfortunately i haven't still experimented the 4k experience with the games, but i can't wait to see it. I didn't switch to a ps4 pro, i prefer to wait the ps5, or to buy the new xbox, i am undecided about what to buy. But since i am playstation fanatic, the only reason i would buy the xbox would be just to have the simulator on it.
  2. Yes, it's more arcade than a simulator for sure, but very fast and smooth with a good graphic.
  3. i have it too on my ps4, very cool game for fast actions, i like it.
  4. Yes, the VR is cool. I used VR with the PS4, but i know that's not like to have an oculus rift They said anyway that with these new consoles, also the VR experience will be improved about the resolution, for sure if you see much better inside the visor, it's possible that also the motion sickness is reduced, don't know. If you wear glasses is more complicated to spend long sessions. The number of aircrafts available is important for sure for a good simulation, anyway, at least for me, since i have the other simulators on the pc, it would be like to add something to my experience, i don't think that this simulator will obscure all the Others, so it would be a thing more, that i can play relaxing myself when i like to make a flight sitting on my sofa
  5. Well, the new XBox is more powerful than the 97% of pcs registered now on Steam, even if they register also office pcs that are far from a gaming pc. This time the 5th consoles seems to be really enough powerful, with some advantages too, according to me, like the price respect to a pc of the same level (maybe a i9 with a RTX 2080 onboard and with a 1 TB NVMe hard disk). The other advantage is that you are much more comfortable to play, i ceased to play on the pc since many years, i like more to play games with the consoles, except for the VR experience that for now is negative due to the low resolution and the motion sickness that i suffer, expeciallly with particular games.
  6. Yes, it's a good option to consider, according to me
  7. At the end of the year it should come out the new 5th gen Xbox X series, i think it can handle the simulator very well
  8. that's fantastic! I have the real voice living upstairs, but unfortunately she never sings that theme, at least from the time i am here
  9. Both are default library objects. They have been excluded for first, rescaled and placed again according to the photoreal footprint. You see that dam prolongement due to a mesh display problem or a conflict between two mesh for the same area. The mesh provided with the scenery is a 5 meter resolution mesh. This is the setting, but you already know it, to keep for the optimal display.
  10. I have the cliff too at Cairo Intl. Only Open LC Africa installed, so yes, it's the mesh included in the product.
  11. I think we could have still a lot to write here. Many arguments, many implications, media that are not informing in the correct way, at least this is my thought. Something is wrong with all this situation. The virus started from China, this is what we know, from a city that connects every part of the world, but the virus didn't hit in the same way, or at least countries reacted in the same exact way, increasing measures of restriction, but in different periods. Maybe this is the first example where the world countries are synchronized and agrees that it's a real menace. I listened a virologist who was interviewed in Italy and she said that the probability that a coronavirus passes from an animal to a human is very low, and even more low that once time the virus is inside a human body mutes in the correct way because this human body can transmit that virus to another human body. So it seems we were very unlucky. And the first time that there is a health Emergency along with a very bad economic incoming situation. It's difficult to predict what will happen after, but i seriously think that the world we knew, it won't be the same after, under many aspects. I think you could apport your thoughts, maybe to help to understand better the situation, because in general i see that people is worried. Another thing that i noticed is that while some time ago the world "war" seemed almost prohibited in the media reports, now instead in every situation they tell we are fighting a "war", obviously against this coronavirus, an invisible enemy. And since the media usually prepare to a situation that comes after, it's not good.
  12. And they are afraid about a second incoming wave…..
  13. Ciao Carlo, thanks I read abaout your situation and i am really sad, unfortunately the economic side of this tragedy seems to be a bit neclected in name, they say, of a superior interest that's the life. Nobody can except about this, but it's true as well, that they have to guarantee a dignified life as well and it's difficult to live if you loose the job, if you loose your money because the stock Exchange's speculations, if the system is not based anymore on the real economy but it's based instead on financial instruments, a paper castle that already caused a lot of damages in the past. Now we have all togheter and yes, i forget to mention that this selective virus seems to hit also according to the age of the people. Children mainly immunes, for luck, and people over 65 with more risk in some countries, in other countries instead a lot of people under 40 die, someone is infected twice and doesn't develop immunity like in general. So yes, this virus is a beast
  14. non ti preoccupare Roberto, seguo tutti i tuoi report con interesse
  15. I'm not Matteo, but yes, i saw your post
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