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  1. Yep, and not just keystrokes. We’ve just spoken about things in our home that have then shown up as recommended videos in youtube.
  2. It’s a shame they couldn’t get it up around the 43000 - 45000ft + mark or it would be in red
  3. You should check out Elite Dangerous. You can play it on VR if you like and is a FAR cry from the original (which I had also on the 64)
  4. Very nice shots Iain, but I think the Dreamliner is definitely too low in the last shot.
  5. Hi Paul, Lake Macquarie airport is the same place as Belmont airport. Belmont is just the old name for it. Pelican is the name of the suburb near the airport, but I don't know where the name aeropelican comes in. I know there used to be an airline of the same name that flew between there and Sydney with twin otters, but whether there's more to it than that I really don't know
  6. The other thing with full flap is it allows the possibility of regulating the glide path a little more with throttle if need be rather than maybe ending up on short final a little too high and with an already closed throttle and no way of getting down. Also, a zero flap approach makes for a flatter approach and so this could introduce ground clearance issues at some bush strips.
  7. I've rang a number of times over the years - nobody has ever answered. I also have an un responded to ticket from some years back
  8. Hi, Only thing is, the Aerostar is piston engined not a turboprop. The only other thing I was thinking is something like a Cessna 441 maybe??
  9. Crazy talk methinks. It would be okay with a light plane with a large radius circle, but that's about all. Ever tried to takeoff around a corner? Believe me it's not easy.
  10. I was always taught that this is the normal order of operations, not just for emergencies
  11. Yep, some really good stuff on there, I only wish I had the time to watch more of it. I watched a doco on the SR71 the other night where a former SR pilot describes his old job and about the aircraft. Top stuff!
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