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  1. Well, like everything else FSX, what my install does isn't what the next persons does. A scan with the configurator always puts KABQ into the disabled side in my install. Once moved to the enabled side, if I run the config again, it always reverts back to disabled. As mentioned, the ability to exclude our manually moved files from the scan would be helpful. I've had a couple of freeware airports with the terrain spikes and/or plateaus in which neither enable nor disable will resolve. But this is almost always due to the addon having its own elevation file in the Scenery/World/scenery folder. Once removed or disabled, Vector works fine. Easy E
  2. I also have to manually place KABQ into the enabled list. Otherwise there is massive spiking and plateaus surrounding the airport. No big deal, its actually the first one I've had to manually move since the auto configurator was released. John, quick question...is it possible for you guys to add an exclusion feature to the configurator? Something that would allow us to choose which airports we don't want included in the auto scan? Just a thought. Keep up the great work! Easy E
  3. Howard, words escape me. If you knew me you would know how serious an affliction that can be. That has to be the most intense UAV video I've seen. The amazingly gorgeous scenery of your local area almost brings tears to my eyes. I've longed to visit that part of the world for many years, but alas, FSX is probably the only way I'll see it. But when you combined that emotional, heart-touching soundtrack with the video...bravo. You should create professional tourist videos. Thank you for sharing. Easy E
  4. Another really useful tool I use, if you don't already have it, is Airport Scanner. Install, run, hit scan (may take a bit of you have a lot of airports) then choose the airport in question and it will show if you have any duplicate AFCAD, ADEX or elevation bgl's. Usually you can remove or rename the stock elevation bgl and it fixes the issue without having to disable on Vector. Easy
  5. cvxCDG_FLATTEN1.bgl They are numbered 1-5 with the same file name. Easy
  6. @Rockliffe, I managed to get LFPG working if you're interested. Leave all Vector files active in AEC. Go into the LFPG scenery folder and remove/rename the five flattening .bgl files. Restart and go! Worked for me, hope this helps. Cheers! Easy
  7. Hey again Maurizio. Wanted to post the fix in case anyone else has that particular scenery and runs into the same issue. Its in the Liguria freeware scenery from OZx. Inside the scenery folder there are 12 bgl files at the top. They start with 0Liguria.bgl and go up to 11Liguria.bgl. Remove these files and that's it. Scenery looks fine now. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Ciao'.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply Maurizio. The only Italian scenery I have installed is OZx Liguria and Genoa. Didn't think there was a photoreal bgl. in there but I'll check. Thanks again. BTW, absolutely loving FTX Global & Vector. With this new rig its incredible! Asus Maximus VI Formula MOBO Nvidia GTX 760 ATX 4gb GPU Themaltake 'Black Widow' 850w PSU Intel i7 4770k proc. Corsair Dominator GT 12gb (3x4) RAM Azza Hurricane Cooling tower.
  9. Just an observation for the team. In eastern Italy there is a single texture tile missing. The airport LIMR is practically right in the middle of the affected region. Screenshot below. Thanks.
  10. But it's obviously a Vector issue. Regardless of how often it happens it's not a 'minor annoyance'. I fly with a virtual airline and our landing rates are calculated. Having a plateau appear over the runway means the difference between a rate of -120fpm and -500from because the sim reads the aircraft as touching down on the plateau even though the aircraft continues through. I would like to know why this is happening and how to fix it. Apparently I may have to uninstall Vector to eliminate the 'minor annoyance'.
  11. Hello, first let me say how much I'm enjoying Global and Vector. I also purchased FS Global mesh and together, amazing. Even with the minor quirks with the elevation issues, which I know will be fixed, it's a fantastic product. I have, however, an issue that's happened twice, both times following the installation of a new airport. I start FSX, load up default trike and load up the new airport just to check the elevation and make sure all is well. Both times the new airport looked fine. So I prep and load a flight from another airport, flying into the new airport, and all is fine all the way up to 15-20 miles out on approach. At about 5-10 miles, all of a sudden a plateau will begin to appear over the runway until the runway is completely covered and my landing rate goes through the roof because of this. Once parked, FSX shut off, restarted and I load up the same new airport...everything's fine again. Can you point me to a cause for this? Is there a procedure for "updating" the Vector data when a new airport is installed? I'd really appreciate any help you may be able to give. Asus Maximus VI Formula MOBO i7 4770k Processor Corsair Dominator GT 12gb RAM Nvidia GTX 760 4gb GPU Thermaltake 850w PSU FSX w/Acceleration Win 7x64 Home Premium FS Global 2010 FTX compatible mesh FTX Global v1.20 FTX Vector v1.1 Scenery Tech World Landclass Thanks again. Easy
  12. David, not sure if it would help or not but I had a similar issue at another airport. I found a forum thread suggesting the use of "airport scanner". It's a free product and is used to locate and remove duplicate bgl's. I ran it and found that Global/Vector had placed another bgl in the airport file. I used airport scanner to remove it, restarted FSX and, voila! Problem solved. Hope this helps. Easy
  13. Great idea. Would be a very useful and time saving tool. Easy
  14. @wolf2grey. Try Lukla v2 available from flyawaysimulation. I use it and it works fantastic. Portrays the sloping runway accurately. Cheers! Easy
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