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  1. Hi, There is no comparison : V5 default textures are awful. I use Orbx Global since years... and had forgotten how huge OLC can boost the visual quality. First evening : I donwnload and instal V5 : Better performances but ... the image quality is a desapointement. Second evening : I migrate a max from my (big) Orbx collection : will the result be better or will I stay on 4.5 ? Third evening : I tune all my sliders on Orbx heavy products : the verdict is : no doubt, i will stay on 5+Orbx, it is better and smoother than 4.5 + Orbx and now I will uninstall 4.5 to gain a little space !
  2. +1 for the seasons LOD 14 version ! For a few years, when i decided to only use Orbx add-ons, i made this choice and accepted not to use photorealistic scenes (my country is good covered by France VFR). Because i love to fly over seasonnal scenery and only do 10% summertime flights. Regards
  3. Hi, Bear in mind that Vector is more a Ram killer than a CPU killer...for 32 bits versions. Since we have 64 bits P3D, we can enable what we want to see without any BSD !
  4. Thank you Nick ! I've installed airport ...and City Scene ! Regards
  5. Hi Nick, I see my products, in my account. I see the transaction for each product but not the products for each transaction. How can I see this ? If you mean i have purchased 4 products yesterday, I only have downloaded 3 : L35, Cityscene Barcelona, and LSPN, but Cityscape Goldcoast is not in my account. I'm lost
  6. Hi, I've purchased 4 products today but there seems CityScene Goldcoast did not work. Transaction is 5b69c411c6981. I don't know if there is a way to see all the content of a transaction, so i don't know if i have accidentaly unticked a product and don't know where to verify the effective price for this transaction. (A thought i pay approximately 80 AUD for 4 products, should be about 63 if one has been canceled). I had FTX central opened during the purchase and one of the scenes was not incrementing the red numbers for updates but was immediately available. But now; i have installed the 3 first products and the libraries, and Gold coast is like if i didn't purchase. Could you have a look ? Regards
  7. Hi, Did you update the Orbxlibs and you Global and global LC ? I have opened each one and pressed to the "verify files" options... and each time the Central found a few megas to download and install (you have not to wait each update is done, this is done in a few minutes. Regards
  8. Hi, Yes, it is a known thing; and i was desappointed when I saw that 64 bit didn't change anything. On a clean simulator install, the pause is about 1/2 second. But with all my Orbx add-ons, the pause inflates to 5 seconds... I didn't find any trick to solve this, and the LM P3D forum didn't help. I have till reached other "chunk points" in the world, but these are not exactly on a runway. I don't want to waste time with this and there are a lot of beautiful areas in my P3D's world. For sure, NZMF has lost a lot of charm with that, and I hoped that the author of the scene could do anything; but it seems he didn't find any workaround. If you want to analyse this, i'd suggest to check if the RAM usage is related; and if disk usage is high at this point. A tool like Process Monitor could help to see what the machine is doing etc... regards
  9. So Iain, Can you confirm that with a 1m mesh resolution, P3D V4 does not show significantly more mesh morphing near the plane ? Some Orbx developpers mean a 1m mesh could will affect dense construct areas with floating houses because the Orbx standard is 5m and so the developpers would have a very huge work to rearrange everything. (eg : I had strange bugs at Sekiu with 1m mesh, the tarmac was translucend). PS : Could you make some screenies in Grand Canyon ? Regards
  10. YAHOO ! Thank you Nick, i've tried at LFMN and Rio, Valdez and Milford Sound : OK !
  11. You mean the txt file ? Wich file and where is it ?
  12. Hello Nick, How can I do this ? I've downloaded the datas; but Central says the Libs are installed and up to date, and the remove option is inactive ?
  13. Hi, Finally, the waves are wrong everywhere : New Zeeland or Northern Germany, (ORBX and LFMN (only LC = Global or Miquelon (only Global); and this after repairing HF1. Last time it was OK / BEFORE UPDATING REGIONS AND ORBXLIBS AND INSTALLING AI SHIPS....
  14. Fantastic shots, Ian, P3d v4 with Vector ? And is with default mesh ?
  15. Hi, I have installed the freeware packs and all the freeware AI ships, and i saw that in other regions (GEN) or in global scenes (Ee.g. Rio) the waves are Ok.... Regards
  16. Hi, I have V4 HF1 + latest Orbxlibs, Have wrong effects in Valdez (SAK installed). Regards
  17. Hi, I see you have a stronger machine as mine, but you have a problem with your display quality. this could be in relation with display quantity : what is your resolution ? i have an old GTX680 at 3440X1440 and have blurries; I have crisper display with this setup : unlimited framerate + FFTF=0.90, So, i cannot use cloud shadows or full cloud density, but have 40 Fps over country region.
  18. Hi, the road has same orientation that the taxiway and the bad traffic i have goes more to the west. I have only ORBX products, have executed AEC 3 times since Vector upgrade AND HAVE SAVED. Traffic setting is at 16% and I obtain 25 to 30 fps at unlimited setting...
  19. Hi, After upgrading Vector,I returned to Valdez, and see that i till have road traffic that goes through the taxiway. Precedent time, the traffic was floating at about 200 feet, now, it is a feet to low, but it shoud'nt be there. I have Vector, Global, Global mesh 2010, SAK, PAVD and Landclass NA. What's going wrong ?
  20. Yes and without errors; It seems that after upgrading p3d to Hf2 THE PROBLEM IS GONE !
  21. Hi, I have P3D V3.4, FS Global 2010 mesh, Vector, ORBX Global, ORBX NCA, PAVD Valdez; I see that the road traffic near the PAVD tarmac is floating at 300 meters; Any idea ?
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