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  1. Hi, I see the same floating houses with my V5. This happens up and there in the world (not only the Orbx regions). LM developpers are adviced and it seems that the correction is very hard. They know why it happens, but the conditions to solve are complex.
  2. Hi, There is no comparison : V5 default textures are awful. I use Orbx Global since years... and had forgotten how huge OLC can boost the visual quality. First evening : I donwnload and instal V5 : Better performances but ... the image quality is a desapointement. Second evening : I migrate a max from my (big) Orbx collection : will the result be better or will I stay on 4.5 ? Third evening : I tune all my sliders on Orbx heavy products : the verdict is : no doubt, i will stay on 5+Orbx, it is better and smoother than 4.5 + Orbx and now I will uninstall 4.5 to gain a little space !
  3. +1 for the seasons LOD 14 version ! For a few years, when i decided to only use Orbx add-ons, i made this choice and accepted not to use photorealistic scenes (my country is good covered by France VFR). Because i love to fly over seasonnal scenery and only do 10% summertime flights. Regards
  4. Hi, Bear in mind that Vector is more a Ram killer than a CPU killer...for 32 bits versions. Since we have 64 bits P3D, we can enable what we want to see without any BSD !
  5. Thank you Nick ! I've installed airport ...and City Scene ! Regards
  6. Hi Nick, I see my products, in my account. I see the transaction for each product but not the products for each transaction. How can I see this ? If you mean i have purchased 4 products yesterday, I only have downloaded 3 : L35, Cityscene Barcelona, and LSPN, but Cityscape Goldcoast is not in my account. I'm lost
  7. Hi, I've purchased 4 products today but there seems CityScene Goldcoast did not work. Transaction is 5b69c411c6981. I don't know if there is a way to see all the content of a transaction, so i don't know if i have accidentaly unticked a product and don't know where to verify the effective price for this transaction. (A thought i pay approximately 80 AUD for 4 products, should be about 63 if one has been canceled). I had FTX central opened during the purchase and one of the scenes was not incrementing the red numbers for updates but was immediately available. But now; i have installed the 3 first products and the libraries, and Gold coast is like if i didn't purchase. Could you have a look ? Regards
  8. Hi, Did you update the Orbxlibs and you Global and global LC ? I have opened each one and pressed to the "verify files" options... and each time the Central found a few megas to download and install (you have not to wait each update is done, this is done in a few minutes. Regards
  9. Hi, Yes, it is a known thing; and i was desappointed when I saw that 64 bit didn't change anything. On a clean simulator install, the pause is about 1/2 second. But with all my Orbx add-ons, the pause inflates to 5 seconds... I didn't find any trick to solve this, and the LM P3D forum didn't help. I have till reached other "chunk points" in the world, but these are not exactly on a runway. I don't want to waste time with this and there are a lot of beautiful areas in my P3D's world. For sure, NZMF has lost a lot of charm with that, and I hoped that the author of the scene could do anything; but it seems he didn't find any workaround. If you want to analyse this, i'd suggest to check if the RAM usage is related; and if disk usage is high at this point. A tool like Process Monitor could help to see what the machine is doing etc... regards
  10. So Iain, Can you confirm that with a 1m mesh resolution, P3D V4 does not show significantly more mesh morphing near the plane ? Some Orbx developpers mean a 1m mesh could will affect dense construct areas with floating houses because the Orbx standard is 5m and so the developpers would have a very huge work to rearrange everything. (eg : I had strange bugs at Sekiu with 1m mesh, the tarmac was translucend). PS : Could you make some screenies in Grand Canyon ? Regards
  11. YAHOO ! Thank you Nick, i've tried at LFMN and Rio, Valdez and Milford Sound : OK !
  12. You mean the txt file ? Wich file and where is it ?
  13. Hello Nick, How can I do this ? I've downloaded the datas; but Central says the Libs are installed and up to date, and the remove option is inactive ?
  14. Hi, Finally, the waves are wrong everywhere : New Zeeland or Northern Germany, (ORBX and LFMN (only LC = Global or Miquelon (only Global); and this after repairing HF1. Last time it was OK / BEFORE UPDATING REGIONS AND ORBXLIBS AND INSTALLING AI SHIPS....
  15. Fantastic shots, Ian, P3d v4 with Vector ? And is with default mesh ?
  16. Hi, I have installed the freeware packs and all the freeware AI ships, and i saw that in other regions (GEN) or in global scenes (Ee.g. Rio) the waves are Ok.... Regards
  17. Hi, I have V4 HF1 + latest Orbxlibs, Have wrong effects in Valdez (SAK installed). Regards
  18. Hi, I see you have a stronger machine as mine, but you have a problem with your display quality. this could be in relation with display quantity : what is your resolution ? i have an old GTX680 at 3440X1440 and have blurries; I have crisper display with this setup : unlimited framerate + FFTF=0.90, So, i cannot use cloud shadows or full cloud density, but have 40 Fps over country region.
  19. Hi, the road has same orientation that the taxiway and the bad traffic i have goes more to the west. I have only ORBX products, have executed AEC 3 times since Vector upgrade AND HAVE SAVED. Traffic setting is at 16% and I obtain 25 to 30 fps at unlimited setting...
  20. Hi, After upgrading Vector,I returned to Valdez, and see that i till have road traffic that goes through the taxiway. Precedent time, the traffic was floating at about 200 feet, now, it is a feet to low, but it shoud'nt be there. I have Vector, Global, Global mesh 2010, SAK, PAVD and Landclass NA. What's going wrong ?
  21. Yes and without errors; It seems that after upgrading p3d to Hf2 THE PROBLEM IS GONE !
  22. Hi, I have P3D V3.4, FS Global 2010 mesh, Vector, ORBX Global, ORBX NCA, PAVD Valdez; I see that the road traffic near the PAVD tarmac is floating at 300 meters; Any idea ?
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