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  1. +1 for the seasons LOD 14 version ! For a few years, when i decided to only use Orbx add-ons, i made this choice and accepted not to use photorealistic scenes (my country is good covered by France VFR). Because i love to fly over seasonnal scenery and only do 10% summertime flights. Regards
  2. So Iain, Can you confirm that with a 1m mesh resolution, P3D V4 does not show significantly more mesh morphing near the plane ? Some Orbx developpers mean a 1m mesh could will affect dense construct areas with floating houses because the Orbx standard is 5m and so the developpers would have a very huge work to rearrange everything. (eg : I had strange bugs at Sekiu with 1m mesh, the tarmac was translucend). PS : Could you make some screenies in Grand Canyon ? Regards
  3. Fantastic shots, Ian, P3d v4 with Vector ? And is with default mesh ?
  4. Hi, Microsoft has find a way to solve this in the rendering process... It was MS Flight. For sure, it's not too complicated, but all the further scenery add-ons would lost compatibility.
  5. Amazing, Wunderschoen ! Hope the CPU will not expolde !
  6. Hi, I've installed the new Ftx Central, fine ! Si I flew from Ouessant to England and Scotland, (Everything OK). Now, I returned over Alderney and went to Mont Saint Michel. I did not fly there since a while and ignored this bug. But Sylvain, i only have the misplaced mount, there's nothing at the right place. Are you sure ?
  7. Hi, Another way to directe start is clicking on the flight file. So, you have not to save your flight as default, have not to know from where you begin the last time. For sure, if you start your sim and go now to another place in the world, your VAS will be affected. (P3D V3.2 can better manage this). Regards
  8. Hi, I have 13 modules. They are not so reliable. Changing a firmware is sometime the only way to solve a malfunction. A for that, the only way is to send back to the USA, that's cheep. So many modules need extra USB ports, and this is difficult. You cannot use too many hubs, because your modules will be instable. I used my modules with FS 2000 to Fsx and P3d v1 to 3.1. I have 4 more Kit cards, but did'nt use them, because i cannot use more USB modules on one machine. The support from GOflight is null. The driver has no newer functionnality, the modules are on when your battery is off... The recommanded USB hubs in the docs are 12 years old modules, they do not know that we have USB 3 Today, and they do not know that there are other parts in the World outer of the the USA, and other langage than english. After so many years using Goflight modules, i cannot recommand them : beginning today with such hardware is not a good idea. Regards
  9. Hi Marcus, Nice shots, in my next purchase too. Cheers PS : How do you get these DHL planes in p3D V3.1 ?
  10. Hi, I live in France, at 2 nm from frontier with Germany. So, i am part of rare french people who are able to speak and read german. When i compare the quality from the german simulation related periodics with the french publications, there is no doubt : the german simming communauty is much bigger then the french one. So, more readers, more budget, more content. And the french communauty is spreaded in a lot of different countries, from Quebec to Belgium, from Antillas to Africa. So, i understand that german scenies are much more awaited, and for sure, I regreat this, but it is the reality. There are lot of superb regions in Germany, from the Rhine valley to the Northern coast and a part of the Alps are in Germany. If i could suggest a good strategy : please Orbx, consider this : A region covering all the Rhine river could be very interesting for your customers in Swiss, France, Germany, Belgium and Netherland. And it could border your England region. Voila voila
  11. Bravo Richard, Très alléchant !
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