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  1. Well, not sure what has happened, but I uninstalled the partial installs again and reinstalled and this time it seems to have worked. Thanks for trying to help. Log file attached looks funny to have actually installed software. central.log
  2. Sorry, did not receive a notification anyone replied. The logfile is too big to attach. It is 14 mb. Retried and still will not extract all files from download. http://prntscr.com/rwwqy9
  3. I just noticed these two sceneries in my library and tried to download and install. Bo the fail to completely install saying run verify files and try again. No luck. Anyone??
  4. Nick, I'm not going to play games. Just about every report in these forums that does not have a vector component can almost always be attributed to NAVDATA updates if installed. If I really wanted to play, I could go through my base scenery files and see just how many have been saved from the original install and substituted in after the NAVDATA update. Again I ask more obviously, how many x-plane and afs2 elevation issues have been observed?
  5. These "occasional drawbacks" as you put it are as I said, becoming more frequent as we add airports, thus the upswing in elevation problems being reported. What I am suggesting/discussing is that developers should get together with the folks introducing elevation issues with albeit correct elevation data and come up with a solution. If it is as simple as eliminating the NAVDATA elevation corrections or the more complicated but correct method of incorporating the data into scenery via updates, then come up with a solution. This should probably also include sim publishers, like Lockheed, Aerosof
  6. I'm seeing more and more reports of scenery elevation issues when ORBX airports and NAVDATA files are used. I believe I read somewhere that ORBX uses elevation data based upon the PILOTS GLOBAL 2010 elevations. Is it not possible to at least have two sets of elevation data available at install time to correct these problems? It really seems impossible that airports change elevation that much over the course of 20 years.
  7. As I reported previously and got criticized for, fsaerodata ie navigraph data, changes the base files. Search the base files for that airport. Once found in the base files rename the .bgl file to a .sav file and rename the .fsad to .bgl and see if that fixes your problem. If not rename them back to original.
  8. Bert, that was just a test to see if it would clear up the problem. So for now deactivate the .bgl to .bgl.off and rename the..bgl.fsad to just .bgl for now. You will only lose some navdata for that area until they get it fixed or until you leave the airport then change the files back. I know, poor solution, but.......
  9. Yeah, mine too Doc. Tried to update it, but it said it was too long or didn't meet standard.
  10. I realize you are late to the rodeo, but if you read this thread from the beginning you may get a better insight. As for the remark, and I probably should have left this off, there is an air about other people helping and being treated like they know nothing and only certain people know anything.
  11. Teecee, did the solution I posted not work for you?
  12. 40 years of simming and I still know nothing. If it cures his problem, then I know he has a conflicting scenery and we can go from there. What is your suggestion?
  13. I didn't say keep it that way. I said "try."
  14. Doc, your sig says you are running 4.1 p3d
  15. Try turning off APx17140.bgl in base 0201
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