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  1. I use it and it works great for me as a moving map/GPS etc. Not sure what else to say as it does exactly what it says "on the tin".
  2. Ok thanks will keep with the idea of a straightforward SSD then.
  3. So if installed windows, Fsx and a few other things on this, would it substantially increase my load times for FSX and windows over my bog standard hard drive. I ask because I am considering an SSD and I would sacrifice some load speed for the extra storage but I would still want the increase to be significant.
  4. Wow that looks better, just had a quick look as I'm of to work in five minutes but that seems to have fixed it thanks
  5. In desperation I was going to uninstall all ORBX scenery and start again following the advice in http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/30378-uninstalling-all-orbx-products-a-quick-guide/ however I no longer have a default option in FTX Central, just NA and Global so am unsure how to continue.
  6. Sorry should have added everything was ok before I installed PFJ. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  7. Yes o have gone between global and NA and no I do not have UTX or anything similar, am new to FSX so not bloated it out yet.
  8. I've downloaded and installed the latest lib and now FTX Central has just two entries Global and North America (no default) but the scenery issues still remain, I haven't as yet installed the region patch and it's the same all over the world. My installed report states
  9. Hi I have purchased and installed the Pacific Fjords but when I loaded up PAKT what I see is the following Previously I had installed FTX Global, Iceland Demo ON and the Demo of PNW. Directly before installing Pacific Fjords I did uninstall the PNW demo. My FTX Central also seems a bit messed up and looks like this. So what have I done wrong and need to do please.
  10. Exactly this. Although iirc there is a hybrid mode if transitioning between areas.
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