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  1. Very nice video indeed, thanks for posting !
  2. If you use Firefox, you always have a spell-checker active . It's just one of so many advantages with this browser...
  3. Thank you very much for this awesome review and your nice comments . Have fun at Fairoaks, Gents !
  4. Just to add - an evening flight along the coast of Nice and Monaco is time well spent... I am using FSGX2010 mesh here which works a treat.
  5. Thanks for all you nice comments . It's really a treat now to fly Europe... Off to South France after a visit in Austria
  6. Fantastic captures mate, thanks for posting ! And thanks again for your high quality on site pictures which were essential for this project Cheers !
  7. After our Fairoaks release i finally have some time to enjoy Global and Vector. The region i know well looks just superb to say the least, what a transformation... Can't wait for Open LC to arrive Good ol' FSX in DX9 Pforzheim, the Gold City and gate to the Black Forrest. Even with basic land-class incredibly realistic...
  8. 10.000 km Southeast of the Teck . Let me check the satellite images after the holidays, ok ?
  9. Well... i flew at the Hahnweide with a Falke motor-glider 40 years ago... And as a R/C pilot i visited the Teck many times since it was just 50 km from my home. Those were the days... It would have sentimental value and i might take it on as a side project . Of course it depends also on the satellite image availability and quality as well as high quality on sight pictures. The airfield would be strictly made for FTX Global/Vector and would probably not fit well into other Germany scenery addons.
  10. Excellent captures mate, thanks for posting Fairoaks is available now, Merry Christmas and have fun
  11. Thank you very much ! I am not entirely sure which from the newer models are used at other airfields, but we have some characters we did not use previously. They will change depending on warm or cold season. The newest additions are the deer and the horse as well as additional cow types. We are working on complete P3Dv2 compatibility and update as soon as possible. Indeed, this is our target. I hope it will be live the coming weekend
  12. Ed is preparing the installer for our final beta - if everything works out fine we will release Fairoaks very soon . Our next project will most likely be Welshpool, a charming airport in the beautiful landscape of Wales, before we are venturing further to Norway (two Milford Sound style airfields are on the menu). Until then, some final pics which i haven't posted yet. Please enjoy.
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