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  1. Hi guys, thanks to all who joined, more than I expected! The next event takes place on Saturday, 2017-05-13, at 18:00 utc. Online bush flying within a group, loose formation, no rules. You are welcome. Enjoy. Relax. Cheers Rudi
  2. Hi guys, if anybody is not sure how to get connected and how to get all things up and running, join the digitalthemepark Teamspeak server next days. Most days I'm online around 18:00 - 19:00 UTC. I will be glad to help in configuration. Drop me a note in the chat window. User: rudi0310. Also the admins are glad to help. Cheers Rudi
  3. Next event is Saturday, April 29th, 18:00 UTC. New pilots are welcome! Details see my last post. Online flying the other way. Bush flying. Within a group. One pilot is the guide. Also unlisted airstrips. No flight plan. Nature. Rocky Mountains. Clear Mountain Lakes. A lot of fun.
  4. Hi everyone, after successful joining, I will do more tests. Bush flying in PNW and PFJ. Everybody can join and fly with us and have some small talk with people who have similar interests. Use a strong Amphibian like C182, C185, Twin Otter, You need climb performance. You can find us online at Digital Theme Park many days between 16:00 and 20:00 utc in the near future. In your flightsim, set month to August. If you are not familiar with Digital Theme Park, go to http://digitalthemepark.blogspot.de/ for a first overview. Download JoinFS, configure according
  5. Ralf, Bruce, Brian, you are right, Digital Theme Park seems to meet most of my needs so far. Downloaded the software and will give it a try, For sure there will be more questions, thanks for the offer to answer! But the one does not exclude the other. More suggestions are welcome - this thread collects them! More postings about Digital Theme Park are also welcome. Cheers Rudi
  6. aero-3fsx, good to mention the Papua New Guina scenery. Not installed here yet, but on the list for the future. The problem is to find other pilots for flying in a group, not to find interesting scenery. Sceneries, especially when cost money, are advertised well. But to make the package complete, ORBX should provide a dedicated server for flying and for voice comm, which is independend if fsx or p3d is used. Cheers Rudi
  7. Yes, I also find Alaska Adventures at the RTMM site, being more and more impressed. Many thanks for all who contributed to this list so far! I hope it will grow more. Giving the suggestions a try. My destinations are often no registered airports, e.g. I have a growing database of hidden lakes. Cheers
  8. Hi spud, thanks for the hint; I had found this very interesting site. But I do not search for scenery, I own most of ORBX'S North American scenery. I search for the opportunity to bush fly online with others. Cheers Rudi
  9. Hi everyone, I wonder if there are any online bush flying groups which focus on the north american addons from ORBX which are ideal for that. I did not find much, and only older postings. I love to bush fly in the mountain regions, had founded an online group many years ago, which always was a lot of fun If there are any groups or individuals with interest, please post in this thread. So I and others have the opportunity to join. If there are no matching groups I might found an online group again, focused to the Northern American Orbx addons's mountain regio
  10. Hi, thanks for the info, Holger. PFJ seems to have the same Problem. Tried to install into P3D V2.2 this morning. Off topic: There also seems to be no installer for Tongass Fjords available. Cheers Rudi
  11. Hi, I immediately recognized Scar Creek which many times was one of my destinations after starting with my multiplayer group from Bella Coola. And we highly hoped that sometime in the future someone will upgrade that place... The first route to celebrate when PNW will be published is to start at Holger's Bella Coola and fly to Scar Creek ;-) Cheers Rudi
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