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  1. I am very fortunate that I only live 20 minutes away from the EAA grounds. I have been going to the airshow on and off again since 1977. I worked there helping as a ground guide as a high school student in 1979. I try and go as often as I can. Jon
  2. Hi ORBX crew, Was just wondering if you folks have ever considered going to AirVenture at the EAA grounds in Oshkosh, WI. I know it is geared more to real world aviation but I believe it would be a great venue for flight sim developers and the sim community to meet and greet each other. I sure talk to a lot of fellow simmers there. I know that last year GoFlight was there along with Saitek (Saitek has been there for the last few years) and A2A was also present (This was the 1st year and I understand they will be there again this year) in a booth right near Saitek. I spent a lot of time
  3. Hello again. I have since upgraded to V 1.20 and the ice textures on Lake Winnebago right next to KOSH (N43 59.71 W88 26.73) do not seem to have been fixed. You can see KOSH in the background.
  4. Missing Ice. This is near Oshkosh WI on lake Winnebago right near the mouth of the Fox River 44 1.73 N 88 30.12 W
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