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  1. Hi! That is exactly the case - we do not have any data available about whether a specific road segment has lightposts or not - we have a generic algorithm (based on urban areas etc) that we use to create lights. Bernd
  2. Hi! I'll have to check, but it seems that this is a flat airport problem combined with lakes that are partially on that flattened area... Bernd
  3. How much RAM do you have on your PC and when this error occurs, how much of it is reserved and/or free? Maybe we can fix this problem by giving you a 64bit build of VECTOR Configurator. I'll prepare one and we can test it on your system. Bernd
  4. Is on my list for the next update, and I'll slightly adjust the coastline to better fit the airport. Bernd
  5. Hi! I'll fix the PADU coastline issue for the next update. The other problem(s) you mentioned are something we are considering, maybe for one of the updates following the next one. The main reason for most of these issues is, that FSX didn't have accurate data and they decided to adapt their objects to this wrong data which of course - once you replace the underlying vector data - leads to some of these effects. Bernd
  6. Hi FILOU! Do you use any additional add-ons in this area that might replace vector data? Thanks, Bernd
  7. Hi Mike! Sure, your input is very much appreciated :). Thanks for reporting the issue. Cheers and Happy Holidays, Bernd
  8. Agreed, this will be fixed! Of course, these kind of things can always happen when performing automated processing of large amounts of data (because we can't possibly look at every square inch of the planet when compiling a global scenery product) but in this case it destroys the immersion when flying in and out of CYVR so it will be corrected. Cheers, Bernd
  9. This was addressed in Version 1.35. Cheers, Bernd
  10. When running the auto-configuration tool for AECs, is the Orbx region in question active? Also: the assumption that the airport needs to be corrected just because there is an add-on airport that handles elevation itself is wrong, because it depends on whether there is a resulting conflict or not. There are airport add-ons that rely on the default elevation (and also airport boundary polygons) which is why we activate the "Default.bgl" for disabled airports. Cheers, Bernd
  11. May I kindly ask you to create a new thread with this bug, because we want to avoid to have to scan announcement threads for single posts containing bug reports (also: our internal bug reporting software requires a URL which should point to a topic exclusively reserved for the bug). Thanks for your cooperation :)! Bernd
  12. Regarding the highways in EHAM - I can fix the issue that highways are rendered where they should in fact go "underground". However, I can't continue the highways by adjusting the mesh and placing a real tunnel there. So the second screenshot is what you will also see in the future, because essentially the highway simply ends there. Bernd
  13. I did send you a PM. Maybe I can have a look via TeamViewer so I can check your BGL status. Cheers, Bernd
  14. It's not exactly like that - VECTOR does not contain elevation fixes for all airports, but not because it's incomplete but simply because not all airports need elevation correction (not all of them are wrong in FSX). So what VECTOR does is update the elevations of some airports in order to make them more realistic. Of course the results should not look like they do in your case. It must have something to do with a corrupt installation or AEC settings that don't match add-ons you have installed, because the airport boundary polygons are clearly missing on these screenshots (although VECTOR pr
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