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  1. I did see this although I focused on the marathon rather than the sprint. I guess I will sit on the sidelines and see what the forward motion is...or isn't. Thanks, Henry
  2. I am not trying to start a feud but this is a genuine concern. Very little has been said about AeroFS2 since the introduction of Miggs Field. If you at this forum, there is very little activity. And to boot, very little coming from JV or others at ORBX. JV endorsed the product to me as an additional sim, not a replacement to P3Dv4 and that's fair, but what I am afraid is that FS2 may have been a flash in the pan and very little more. As VR has captured the attention of the folks at LM, it seems we are moving in that direction with P3Dv4. But I am now re-thinking the whole FS2 platform. If further development is slow or non existent, It may be time to pass. Henry
  3. You obviously weren't around when the great scenery challenge happened, it took a year to get every thing back, but that was a distant memory and I don't even with version of P3D it was...but ORBX came through and already this is going better than anyone expected. The fact that the most important features are already out....the regions are the most important to me and they are wonderful. I never understand "thinking" about it, LM gives you a 30 money back guarantee so step up to the plate and give it a go. For now, this is the future of our hobby...tomorrow it may change, but today we have what we have all wanted for more than 10 years. Henry
  4. Hey Doug, I retired FSX the day P3Dv1 hit the market...The reason, LM has a lot of resources to improve the product and Microsoft abandoned the software. In the world of computers even the newest and greatest will be obsolete shortly, and software is not far behind. Now then I only have ORBX scenery, so I am not loosing anything. I had some payware airplanes but not many and most come over just fine. Until p3dv3.4 most things worked quite well but as expected, the sim would advance beyond older software. Now I only fly in a restricted area with only GA airplanes and I fly without GPS and Autopilot.....not much fun pushing buttons and watching the airplane fly itself.....So I keep moving forward. ORBX is still working and all of will shortly, yes I will loose a few older airplanes, but I can live with that, and the improvement is obvious. I continue to upgrade both my computer and my software.....I have tried them all and my conclusion is that P3Dv4 is the most pilot realistic simulation available. YMMV. I am about to remove v3.4. For some, the improvements to the computer, and the software may be to expensive, if you enjoy what you have, wonderful. If you want to improve the computer and the software....the future it here. Cheers, Henry
  5. Tongass Fjords is every bit as good as ORBX scenery because Holger Sandman created it. Works on all versions of P3d including V4 . Get it and RTMM and enjoy a new way to fly. Henry
  6. To address my position on Steam comes from the fact that I am a CSE. Platforms that deliver digital products are one thing, Steam is another. First of all this lends it's self to rental of the software in the future, perhaps something you like and will be comfortable with, I am not. There the potential of security issues and tracking, something else I am not a fan of. Steams bills its self as a gaming platform, not my words, theirs. Now then, this delivery system may be right for you, it isn't for me. Now to AeroFlyFS2. JV said it all when he called it a "casual Sim" it is not intended to replace PD3v4 which, as I understand it is the flagship Sim product of ORBX. AFS2 seems to be a quick way to get in the air and fly around. It is not intended for realistic IFR, with photo real scenery you don't get to fly in 4 seasons, you need no flight planning or weather, there is no path to realistic operation....yet. AS discussed, AFS2 is an example of what can be done with a modern engine and if applied to the same requirements of P3dv4, I could see it quickly becoming THE sim of the future....P3Dv4x might get there. LM still fights the legacy issues, desperately trying to stay as compatible as possible to earier versions. LM invests huge sums of money because of the commercial training program, not because of the flight sim community. AFS2 will be successful because of the flight simmers and with that in mind, as a community we probably will have some input. ORBX has taken a giant step with their support and with VR and 4k becoming mainstream, the eye candy is hard to resist. While I have to agree that scenery outside of the populated areas is sparse, it is in all sims to some degree. Personally I can't see buying ORBX software unless I fly under 10,000 feet and less that 200kn. But thats me....it not be you. I think a reasonable position is that acknowledge ARFS2 is in the initial stages of development ....with the support of ORBX, others will surely come on board. The need for near realism operations may give way to a more casual approach and with our input may see this Simulation soaring...This could be the perfect solution or..... like others that have tried, money and support dwindle, they slip back to the pack and become an "also ran". Only time will tell. Right now we all can be on the cutting edge.....also known as the bleeding edge, but there is great motivation to join the journey. Henry
  7. I left FSX the day P3Dv1 came out and like others, have been upgrading over the three years it has been out. I too have a 2600K overclocked to the max using a water cooled chip. That with a 970 video card is still working very well. Look at the specs, the 2600k isn't all that far behind. Depending on what you expect an upgrade in the video card might be my next improvement. There is no doubt that improvement costs money. In the computer industry, more than 6 months is obsolete so each of us has to make a decision of how obsolete we are. And, how much do you value your hobby equates to how much you are willing to spend on it. I can think of a lot of hobbies that cost far more....Now then if flying is just fun and you don't do any flight planning, you don't start cold and dark, you aren't interested learning about navigation and you are happy with what you have.....don't change. For me Its V4 all the way. ORBX has already said that V4 is the premier FS and that AFS22 is a casual FS. I have to say the right sim for you is the only you like......and there is no doubt that V4 is on top of the heap, but if you don't see it, or are happy with what you have, then don't change...Simple as that. Henry
  8. I ask this question on another thread and JV kindly replied that v4 was a serious simulator and that AFS2 was a casual simulator. One of my objections is that AFS2 is a Steam "GAME". John described Steam as a digital delivery system, nothing more.....I am not sure I agree. I dislike....read won't buy...any software that requires you to be connected to the internet for the software to work. And while in some cases Steam provides a off line function, I have never been totally satisfied with it....in fact, I did some testing on FSX-SE way back when and had so many problems I removed the software and never went back. I am sure they have improved some by now, but I still have issues with connected delivery....I can see "rental" in the future....and I think there could be a security issue as well. With that said, JV has said in other posts that if you into 4K monitors and VR, then AFS2 gives you great eye candy. My take is that if you don't mind the Steam delivery system and you want a casual flight experience with some great visuals but don't care about high end controllers and real weather, then AFS2 might be a good match.....it costs about the same as P3Dv4....I don't think I need two. A comment on GA airplanes....I only fly GA airplanes because I want to see the wonderful scenery ORBX creates, I can't see much detail from 30,000 feet at 400 mph! To have great scenery for take off and landing just ins't enough...but that's MY opinion. Henry
  9. With the announcement of two new areas now being supported by ORBX, this sounded like it might be worth a look see. The software - for PC download is available several places so I bought it....WOW it isn't for a PC it's for STEAM on a PC. BIG difference and I will NEVER use STEAM......it is just a game platform and this then is obviously just a game and I am not a gammer. So beware, AeroFly is Just a game at best. Henry
  10. You need to read the forums .....carefully. You down load central, it will find and install all that you own. If you try to circumvent the official process you will not succeed. Go slowly and follow the directions. If you have migrated from FSS (If you have any files there) then you migrate the ORBX data and Central will install everything....easy peasy! Henry
  11. Thank you very much John, your response was exactly what I was questioning. I must admit I never thought of a casual sim. In my mind, anything on Steam was a game and for a flight Sim, a joke. With Orbx involved with the right attitude I see your interest in steering the project. There are a lot of applications for a casual Sim. I am heavily involved with a small Bush Airline in Alaska concentrating on VFR traditional navigation and using a Kcars connection to record the Information. But there are some basic requirements to use the two systems in harmony. Since this is a VFR sim, I have to assume Low and Slow will be the trend and GA (non jet) aircraft should be the focal point. This beautiful scenery is not impressive at 30,000 feet at 400 mph! Those with higher end cockpits will have to make sure all the hardware plays well, and obviously other developers have to join the parade. Your post has help to allay fears that this is just a game as suggested on many forums. This costs more than P3Dv4 so we should have high expectations. It looks like with P3Dv4 and AeroFlyFS2 are in a position to displace most of the competition including x-plane and for sure FSX. I will wait until you start selling it, Steam won't get a dime from me. I guess you could also get it from others, I even see some bundles available. I am glad you see this as legitimate and I can conclude you will be in for the long (er) haul. Thanks John, now I look forward to the airports of P3Dv4. Henry
  12. JV....well explained. I would ask just one thing and that is a little direction. (not a road map, just direction.) The screen shots are impressive, the video is more impressive, but like others, I am ready to join the journey if we know where we are going. You said there were exciting things coming this year..but I would think this was the time to hint at the intentions, so folks like me will give it a try.. I know the down side is number of people who expect this road map to be a release time table.....but if we don't know the intention it is hard to spend much money on a trial balloon.Just the fact this was a Steam release, makes me think GAME not simulator. If this is intended to be a real simulator, capable of serious practice and training, I would like to know that. Is the intent to develop areas like the ORBX regions...are we talking about Europe, North America like Alaska or are we talking airports? Meigs's announcement suggests a wide area. I am already to join the journey as long as I know it is a journey and not a flash in the pan. The fact that ORBX is involved givs great support and the fact that you are brining this out instead of supporting X-plane speaks volumes. Obviously the most developed Sim is P3dv4, but where are we going? .....Time to check the bank account....I want to buy! Cheers, Henry
  13. My biggest concern is that it is on steam and that screams GAME not simulator. The visuals are amazing and just have to try it but, like all others, until there is wide spread scenery and GA airplanes, it will in the background. But with p3dv4 out now and this announcement just 15days later speaks volumes about where Orbx thinks the future of flight simulators is heading henry
  14. Richard told you what to do, you need to post in the requested areas....I am sure he closed it because the original thread was now obsolete. Henry
  15. All you had to do was to load central for V4, and look. If it there, you can install it. If it isn't, you can't. As said above, everything will be there eventually expect the airplanes...read the forums and find out why. Henry
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