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  1. Nice to see the "old airport" some use.. Thanks for posting. Terry.
  2. I thought that this thread was related to the new AUS from Orbx?? There are so many posts here that are negative, "why is to not?" and "why are you not doing it for this sim or that sim?.. Give it a rest guys, and stick to the subject. I for one cannot wait to see the new AUS, but I am giving up on this thread until the release of the scenery. Terry.
  3. " There is no CityScape added to Sydney, so it won’t be much improved over V1. " That's a bit sad, but think on that when Sydney cityscape is done it will be magic, and worth the wait, (unless it's after I kick the Bucket). Terry.
  4. What a pleasure it is to fly low and slow over such a realistic coastline.. Absolute magic.Terry.
  5. Another great freeware from Orbx, and in my favorite low and slow area too!..Magic!! Thank you Orbx, Larry and the Team. Terry.
  6. Thank Macca.. I still get homesick for Sydney..a very special city.. Terry.
  7. "We are still out here, John!" We surely are, but much lower key..the forum has changed a lot over the past year or so, new sim types, new versions of same etc, and the result (for me) is that I find so little that interest me..I check every day, looking for points of interest but rarely find anything that I wish to have input in. Terry.
  8. Amazing work, and so cheap..I don't know how they did it for the price..particularly when it's the whole of Aus in one hit.. I Remember the first release was in sections. What an incredible scenery.. Bring it on. Terry.
  9. You win a few and you lose a few Eh Larry.. We are lucky to have what we have.. Terry.
  10. May moons ago moving doors on hangar's was fairly commonplace, but the effect appears to have gone to that great hangar in the sky..Perhaps someone can restore it?? Terry.
  11. Better take a change of clothes with you..you will probably get a nights accommodation for free.. Terry.
  12. I had a friend many years ago that flew these during the war. His job was to patrol the Belgian coast looking for downed fliers and any seamen unlucky enough to be in the water.. Great guy. Terry.
  13. Don't lose heart Larry, your FREEWARE offerings are magnificent, and any idiot that tries to take away from that should be banned from the forums in my opinion. Terry.
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