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  1. Just wondering

    Thanks Guys, The discussion cleared up matters for me, and now I know where I stand, but it leaves me wondering if this is going to be the case with any new Orbx offerings?? are they going to be backward compatible? Teecee.
  2. Just wondering

    So these were simply changes to the aircraft to make them compatible with V4? no new aircraft? Teecee.
  3. Just wondering

    I am still running Prepar3d v3.4, so would there be any benefit in my DL the latest AI traffic? Teecee.
  4. Whats in the future for Orbx

    Personally I am happy to wait for the 2018 Aussie update.. and accept any small port "gifts" (not necessarily freeware) that come along over the coming months. Teecee.
  5. Bring it on Larry. I already spend a large part of my online flying in this area..you have given me reason to spend more of it now.. Looking forward to the release.. and thank you. Teecee.
  6. Really really looking forward to this update..As a dedicated "Low and slow" flier this area has become "home" for me. Teecee.
  7. Really looking forward to this. Pender and the surrounding areas have been my favorite since Larry's first release.. Who would have thought that it could be improved?? Teecee.
  8. Journey into the heart of the Tongass

    Normally I would consider this many shots "overkill". Not in this case though..What a fabulous set of shots.. Teecee. PS: I might be influenced by the fact that this is my very favorite small Airport too.. Love it..
  9. Above the Ruhr Area

    Great atmosphere and feel. Truly a great set of screenies..Teecee.
  10. Coming into Valdez.

    Terrific! I often fly this area just to look at the PR Mountains.. Stunning.
  11. Multiplayer

    sorry to be so long in getting back to you guys, had to have some surgery.. I am clear now to 19th of this month and that should be the end of all this hospital stuff. Dayle I will check that group out, and thanks for that..and no, I have many more A/C, it's just that I prefer "low and slow" hence the reference to the singles.. Hope to fly with you soon..Terry (Teecee)
  12. Multiplayer

    Thanks Ron..Installed the two programs..You may have to talk me through using the Teamspeak though. I will try to sign on at 1800 UK time and see how it goes.. I have PM'd you my email address and my Skype name in case you have the program ..Teecee.
  13. Multiplayer

    Is there anyone that would be interested in MP flying single's or twins low and slow in the USA, the UK and Australia? I do not have much of the Europe scenery, and not really interested in flying there.. I am in the USA, so time wise anyone joining would need to be in either the USA or the UK as Aus is behind my time by sixteen hours which makes MP difficult. I use Skype for communication and FSCloud for MP plus Little Map for navigation.. Teecee.
  14. Happy birthday Terry (teecee)!

    Thank you to all.. seventy nine and heading for the big eight oh.. Sorry it took so long to reply but I don't get to spend the hours on the computer that I used to. Terry. (Teecee)
  15. Another happy birthday!

    Happy Birthday Mate.. Many more years of flying the sim to you, and showing us your fabulous tours. Teecee.