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  1. Nice.. The fourth shot, (mine?) where is that? Terry.
  2. +1.. hanging out for this one as I lived close by many years ago..Terry.
  3. " Its not this green TTM" I have been of this opinion for some time, in fact ALL the greens I fly over are way too vivid..(even Ireland in not this bright green) but not being "of a technical bent" I have no clue as to how to "Dull down" the bright green. Terry.
  4. " Ok Gregg, I will amend the announcement. Don't want to ruffle any feathers ... " The nit picking of some people make me very angry..Particularly this thread.. what do you people want, the sim is a hobby,a bit of fun..if you want realism buy a pilots license and move to Edinburgh..Get real folks.. Terry.
  5. I usually fly areas that I know..mainly Aus and the UK, but I am also learning a lot about the NW of the USA so I spend time there too.
  6. " It's P3Dv45 HF2. Tomatoshade is a freeware equivalent to the payware PTA. The preset should work fine on your system, but you may need to uninstall any other shader mods (if you have any) before you try TS - it needs unadulterated P3D shader files to work on. Note: TS makes a backup of these when it installs, but it's a good idea to make your own as well. They're only small files. " Thank Adam. I will certainly follow up on this..Terry.
  7. Magic! what sim is this? and what is Tomato Shade? I am running prepar3d v4.5 will your presets work on this? Terry.
  8. 86*^??# Holy Cow, Mate that really is worth celebrating... Happy Birthday, and congratulations..Terry (a mere 81)
  9. Happy birthday Doug, thanks for all your efforts and dedication..Terry.
  10. SAY WHAT??? What sort of a BS post is that? I am a very old guy, with no interest in all the newfangled sims coming out and I get That?. from you? because I tell it like it is? Get real. And if this gets be booted, so be it.Terry.
  11. An easy one for me mate.. I have no interest in dropping all my precious Prepar3e v4.5. you can have all the new fangled stuff. I am very very happy with what I have. Terry.
  12. Happy Birthday Rob, sorry if I missed the day, but I had a loooong doctor's visit yesterday. All the best old lad..Terry.
  13. Thanks mate.. Any time you like re the MP flights..Terry.
  14. "Except for the severe drought, bushfires in NSW and QLD and an incompetent, corrupt Government everything else appears to be fine." Good to hear that all is as normal in good old Oz.. terry.
  15. Happy Birthday Gerold , have a great day. Terry.
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