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  1. I have a backup if I get tired of flying (I spend much of my daylight hours on the computer due health) It's a steam gamer called Skyrim.. THE most realistic computer game ever re graphics.. Love it just for the scenery.Terry.
  2. Thanks Mark, I will take a look..Terry.
  3. Got to admit this is special.. it could well be a RL shot..Terry.
  4. Just out of interest, I wonder how many of us know that we now have over 1200 airports and landing strips in Aus?? Mainly due to the work of the lads here (or perhaps lad? I don't know) Anyway, Thank You to the crew that has kept Ozx alive for us, and to the ones that have created this heaven for us low and slow pilots. Terry.
  5. I agree with the original poster..so many posts are of no relevance to me. I would much prefer that the forums be separated by sim type. Terry.
  6. Right or wrong, I was stunned when I discovered that the Kurnell Refinery was gone.. demolished in 2012, and this was on my way to work in the sixties..Terry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBpjujkycgI
  7. https://imgur.com/a/J8WLYjh This is how Sydney was twenty years ago, and how I remember it..It's also why I stick with Prepoar3d v3.4. Terry
  8. What a great flight.. want to post the FP? Terry.
  9. Patful, I am right there with you..I stopped upgrading at Prepar3d v3.4. and was feeling a bit left behind, but that soon passed for me as I am totally happy with my sim as it is now..If additional files show up in an area that I fly in and that my system can handle I will probably grab them, but chasing the latest in sims is not for me.. I got lucky yesterday when I found a website that had eight Aussie addon airports that Orbx (or anyone else for that matter I think) have not touched.. Freeware to boot.. what a treat. Terry.. PS I would be happy to post the website and name the strips if the Ozx moderators are up for it..T.
  10. Lovely.. My kind of flying..must give this one a go. Terry.
  11. Not into fighters, but this one could convert me. If it flies anything like as good as it look it would be a heap of fun .Terry.
  12. Thanks for that olds mate.. I know it's probably just old age on my part, but you have no idea how much better I feel knowing that at least someONE out there shares my feelings..Terry.
  13. That first one is stunning.Terry.
  14. Mate at 86 you are entitled to these little quirks, At least I hope so as I am not that far behind you..Don't give it another thought.. Terry.
  15. At risk of getting booted off the forum I must say this Doug.. It mattered to me as it directly affected my use of the simulator.. If a company was to stop supporting the sim I use..I needed to know which company that was. Terry.
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