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  1. Saw one of these in the early sixties at an airshow at Church Fenton AB ( now gone) I still remember it occasionally, as it was one of the highlights of my life (truly) what a great aircraft.
  2. Happy birthday Ken..what is it? 21 again?
  3. Probably my favorite small strip.. magic shots,Thanks for posting..Terry.
  4. Any chance of Leeds for Prepar3d v4.5? I asked this a couple of months ago, but nothing as yet.. It was announced last September so it may well be close to release...
  5. Thanks John.. Sorry I forgot to mention my sim type, Prepar3d v4.5.
  6. 2 and half months later, still no news on the P3D version? +2
  7. Happy Birthday Richard, and thank you for all you do for Orbx..Terry.
  8. Cannot believe I missed this,, (must be old age!) anyway mate... Happy Birthday..Terry.
  9. Nah mate, it's not you..it's the forum itself..boring... particularly if you don't have one of the new, fancy sims.. I am on prepar3d 4.5 and it's no longer worth developing it seems..Takes me about thirty seconds to skim the forum, and usually nothing that interest me so I shut it down. Terry.
  10. Nice.. The fourth shot, (mine?) where is that? Terry.
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