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  1. " I'm not Sniper, but you're welcome" Please accept my Sincere apologies Greg.. Please make allowance for old age . Terry.
  2. Great shots, thanks for posting them.. I worked there for many years, and the screeniesd bring back fond memories. Terry. PS: what sim is this?
  3. Magic shots, Thanks for posting them..Terry.
  4. " A definitive answer for you: Yes. The P3D version of EGNM is being built and tested with P3D v4.5 as a base." Thanks Sniper..I appreciate your input..Terry.
  5. I recently bough two aircraft that clearly stated that the were, and I Quote "prepar3d v4" only to find that they do not work in V4.5. Dead money and no refunds, so I just want to be clear that this scenery will be OK in version 4.5. and you might note that this was in fact the question. Might I suggest that you read posts thoroughly before posting a critical answer. Terry
  6. I'm confused about all these sim Types, and different scenery's, so please just tell me this, when released, will the new Leeds airport work with Prepar3d v4.5? Terry
  7. Bored??? Here is a memory that may make all you oldies feel a bit better (especially us Poms)..PS: hope it is not against some rule or other. Terry.
  8. "Two elderly guys were talking and Earl said: I bought my self the best hearing aid available and it cost me five thousand bucks. His buddy asked: What kind is it? And Earl said 12:30 . Cracked me up. Don't you just love the old ones?? Terry. PS just re-read it and still laughing.
  9. Must have changed the name. It was always Aeropelican when I was working the Eastwest aircraft into there..T.
  10. Very nice, one of my favorites, but mate, YPEC is Aeropelican, not Lake Macquarie.. Terry.
  11. Many of us are hanging out for this mate.. Good luck with your query..Terry.
  12. 1952, thirteen years old and riding my bike from York to Linton on Ouse on a Sunday morning to watch the mechanics roll out the Gloucester Meteors. tie them down and run the engines up..What better memory could I ask for. Terry.
  13. Sadly I cannot install Larry's stuff in Prepar3d v4.5...unless someone know a magic fix . Terry.
  14. Can mean clothing, equipment or almost anything useable by anyone, so basically anything from ornamentation, watch, ring etc right up to the largest piece of equipment in the world..
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