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  1. teecee

    A new game to play.

    Not funny..I was load controller on the F27 out of Alice back in the 1970's and we had a lot of gold on board out of Tennant Creek.. The porters did not like the idea of moving the bullion out of the tail locker so they dumped more stuff on top of it..When I went out to sign the flight off the nose wheel was eighteen inches off the ground.. Imagine the pilots trying to trim that one?? Terry.
  2. teecee

    Over the Trossachs

    " When I was a youngster, Loch Katrine was a favorite family outing from Edinburgh. " Remember the steamer on the Loch? Spent my honeymoon in a cottage on the side of Ben Ledi back in 1958.. We walked up Ledi one afternoon and we heard a noise like thunder, as a huge herd of deer came over the skyline.. Unforgettable. Terry.
  3. teecee

    Tasmania Demo Trials

    My guess.. probably. Teecee.
  4. Thanks Rob, it's home from home to me at the moment..Exactly the type of terrain I love. Terry.
  5. Some time ago I grabbed Blue Nyak because I love small strips..At the time I did nor realise that Limberlost and Gansner came with it.. so I got two nice surprises when I found them. Today I happened on the Promo for these little strips, stunning, particularly in full screen..Well worth a look is you have not yet seen it.. Terry
  6. I love "low and slow" and I am currently in "Low and slow heaven" as I recently discovered the back country of Norcal, (an area I have rarely visited)... and all it's tiny strips..there are literally scores of them.. This is a back country mail run. https://imgur.com/a/uOIBSX2
  7. teecee

    Are you sitting comfortably?

    Interesting, and I can see that it's probably hand turned,, but why the big chair? is this a promo for township of wood turners? Terry.
  8. teecee

    Tasmania Demo Trials

    Pretty good for the very first freeware release..I am so looking forward to the new version. Terry.
  9. teecee

    Gasner (201)

    "It's part of the Blue Canyon/Nyack payware package. Now that I had not discovered, and Blue Canyon is one of my favorite haunts.. Thanks Chunk. Terry.
  10. teecee

    Gasner (201)

    I just did some more searching, and found that this is in fact an Orbx strip done I think by Misha about four years ago.. Also it appears it was released with Limberlost as freeware I think..Thanks Orbx.
  11. teecee

    Gasner (201)

    I found this little beauty whilst cruising in Northern Cal.. It appears to have had some work done on it but I can find no record of it.. what a great little strip for us low and slow folks..Terry. https://imgur.com/a/5Bf0kdo
  12. Hmm.. you reminded me of something Ken. I was sent to Melbourne for training when TAA first introduced Tarzan, a computerized reservations system. We ware taken to see the unit and I kid you not, it was the size of a semi-detached house, and had less computing power than most of today's hand held devices. Terry.
  13. Sorry, but I have to say this. You and you alone can make the personal decision "enough is enough". due to health problems and a somewhat older system I decided to stop at prepar3d v3.4.. It looks great to me, and suits my flying style. I will grab anything that can be used at this point, but have no interest in all the newer scenery's (PR etc). Terry.
  14. Thanks mate..I was not worried about this as it has no ill effects on my system, but though it best to raise the tropic. T.
  15. Thanks to the extended sale I decided to grab a few more small ports.. All went well, but now when I first reopen Central the page shows a world scenery of "open landclass Global North America/ alaska Canada" as not installed.. all my purchases are most definitely installed and showing up.. and if I click on the rogue link I get "There are no downloads".. Terry.