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  1. Nice dusk shot in the Pilbara, where is this please? Terry.
  2. Mate you are not exaggerating.. These are stunning..Terry.
  3. Move back in to your own room, and kick the lad into the conservatory... Terry.
  4. "Dunny spiders are notorious here in Aus" I swear that this is a true story. I worked for TAA in Alice, and my supervisor lived alone out in the "farm area". one day he found a huge spider in his toilet, and (to this I swear) He blew it away with a twelve gauge, Toilet and all. I know that this is true because I helped him fit a new dunny.Terry.
  5. Did that run in 1958,.. Only got about half way from the village on Loch Awe where we were staying.. The road?? was basically a single car wide, and if you met someone coming the other way, one or the other had to reverse to a passing point (these were few and far between) Would not have missed it for the world though..Terry.
  6. Thanks Gerold.. I am about half way throught the reinstall of Prepar3d v4.5, and my old fashioned "wire" internet is struggling with it.. I load everything up to download, and walk away from the computer, checking every hour or so to make sure it is still running.. Thanks for the link.. I will get it when the installation finishes.. Terry.
  7. Great post Carlos. That sort of immersion is rare, and there are very few strips that are as realistic as this, and to be honest, although I have had the strip installed for years, I don't believe I ever flew there..I am just reinstalling prepr3d v4.5, so guess where my next flight will be??. Terry.
  8. Thanks people, for the praise for the Sydney addons, but unfortunately I had a huge system crash and lost all my addons.. and to be honest I do not know which versions of the sim they would work in anyway, as some of the libraries I used when I did this may not still work in the later releases ..I am on Prepar3d v4.5 now, so the nice Sydney addon is gone for me too..Sad but hey, this is part of the price of progress I guess. Remember this though, Orbx are working on a city scene for Sydney I believe.Terry.
  9. " Not a great advert for the competence of your team." Your anger is understandable, Probably from the frustration of these failures, but the problem is yours alone..your system or your internet connection, and I sympathies with you for this, but you must remember that thousands of clients download these files without problems.. if it can be solved you will get the help you need here.. Terry.
  10. That's a very broad statement.. I would think twice before posting something like that.. This site has been operating since the 1990's and has many thousands of happy and contented clients.. Has it occurred to you that the fault probably lies with your own inability? Terry.
  11. I am going to have a moan.. I have not been on the forums much of late as I get tired of reading some post or other only to find that it refers to a sim I do not own or an addon where you have to wear a face mask, or photoreal simming, all of which I have no interest in. I wish Orbx would segregate the standard (prepar3d etc) from the photoreal, face mask type simming Terry.
  12. Yep! got it, but having probs with my system..also bought Prepar3d v4.5 yesterday but again..system probs..Dieter is going to come in to my system today and see what he can do..Thanks Dieter.. Terry. PS still have v3.4 of course, so not entirely without a sim..
  13. Me for one..was a favorite of mine until recently but it's broke now..hanging out for aus2 to see what has been done there..Terry.
  14. Happy birthday mate. (you and I need to have a serious talk). Terry.
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