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  1. I already sent the application, by the way I can help with the Spanish translation
  2. Thank you guys, expect another set of pictures soon
  3. Hello my friends, I just want to say thanks to Adam for this amazing preset! Regards, Walter
  4. Don't know about Central America but Lima was with a similar situation, a little bit difficult to install in P3D if FSX was not installed. That happened in Windows 7, but in Windows 10 the installer works like a charm, I don't know why but it works very well for me
  5. Hi Fulvio, No I haven't yet tried to install in P3Dv4, but installation is manually, just point the installer to P3Dv4, probably will require some modifications because the airport was originally developed for FSX.
  6. I just want to share a pic from my city (La Paz) Mt. Illimani at the bottom
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