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  1. Dear Orbx, Wish Orbx to have a plan to make Van Nuys airport which located in San Fernando Valley section of city Los Angeles. Is a very nice and historical airport in America. B/Regards..Alex Ooi
  2. Hi Orbx support, I do notice Orbx central did update MSFS London City Pack update from 1.00 to 1.01, but why I don't see any 1.01 version appear in MSFS market place? Please advise.. (I purchased London city pack from Market place) B/Regards...Alex Ooi
  3. Hi all, Anybody from this forum encounter Avast anti virus detect FTX central v2.1 as virus? B/Regards...Alex Ooi
  4. Hi, After installed Flight Vector and everything is perfect, but notice there are overlapping bridges in between San Francisco & Hong Kong SR. any clue to fix it? FTX-Global Vector FSS0276173 FTX-Global Base FSS0268692 B/Regards...Alex Ooi
  5. Hi FTX support crews, I just purchased the FTX Global Vector but when I start to download it show me 12KB/sec that mean with 3.2G I have to download for >3days... this is speechless. (I have a very hi speed internet connection) B/Regards...Alex
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