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  1. Hi all, I'm now going to state something that is probably known by many already, but was a very positive experience for me recently. I own and have spent quite a bit of time flying around in the PNW FTX area, places like Anacortes, Orcas Island, greater Seattle and Portland areas etc; a couple of weeks ago I had to go to Portland on a business trip, flying over from Germany with a changeover in Vancouver, then down to Portland in a Dash-8 at 20k feet. And I was so happy looking out of that small plane window, because a) the area really looks exactly as depicted by ORBX and the ASN weather engine, and I could actually recognize KORS as we were flying right over it - I love that airport! Great stuff. Before leaving Portland I made a demo flight in a C172 together with an instructor, out of Hillsboro, a couple of landings at Mc Minnville, some sightseeing over downtown Portland - very nice! Now, how about one of these as full ORBX airports (KHIO or KMMV)? Both are nice in themselves, KMMV has that awesome aviation museum with large planes sitting outside visible from the air, and the area around Portland is so beautiful it deserves another starting point besides 05S... (ok, and Suttons) Edit: and 7S3 as I've just seen... ok that's probably enough, I'll get that one then.
  2. I've got the Saitek combo sitting in the shipping box under my desk, waiting for me to find some time to get it set up. Had a test ride a couple days ago and found it to be worth the money - obviously if you spend more, you can get something better, but that's hardly a surprise. Question is, might it be good enough for your purpose? (It is for mine). What I definitely like about the Saitek offering: if I get another throttle controller on top, I can more or less seamlessly connect them side by side and have all the engine levers I need for a twin. No-brainer, for me at least.
  3. Great to hear, thanks for the quick reply!
  4. Are there any news on this one? The sheer number of ORBX products I have is by itself a showstopper for any thoughts about FSX reinstallation (e.g. to try out SE) - the unpacking/validating/installing of all the ORBX stuff alone would take many evenings, not even thinking of all the other addons I have. So this next iteration of FTX Central is hotly anticipated by me
  5. Thanks guys! Will get them as soon as I'm back in an aeroplane after my current Elite:Dangerous phase.
  6. Hi all, I need a bit of advice on REX stuff - hope no one minds me asking in this forum, I feel more at home here than at AVSIM etc. The situation: I really like what I'm seeing of REX Soft Clouds, will buy it soon I guess. But I am currently running REX 2 - which does Clouds, Sky, Sun, Water, Waves and Runway/Taxiway improvements. I use the FSX Water Configurator, almost exclusively fly to/from addon airports, and REX Soft Clouds will take care of the clouds. The question: Do you guys think it's worth keeping REX2 next to Soft Clouds, for Waves, Sky and Sun? Or just lose it entirely? If it's worth keeping, anything to be aware about when running both side-by-side (deactivate cloud enhancements in REX2 first, for example)? Thanks for any thoughts!
  7. Bowerman is my Meighs supplement - probably the reason why I like it so much, it feels similar. Oh yes I miss Meighs... When I got into FSX again a couple of years ago (after a decade or so of flightsim abstinence, almost back from the FS 2 days), I was devastated when I learned what happened to that airport in the meantime! Should have been made a World Heritage site imo
  8. Another sample shot - nifty little tool!
  9. There simply is nothing above and beyond the A2A offerings, if you want to fly a proper airplane, properly. On the lighter side of things there's also a nice bush option from Flight Replicas, one of their Super Cub packages. Also fun but not necessarily bush is the Baytower RV-7 (support ceased, though).
  10. Well, and it's a TV show - how many watchers would you get if you called it "Fantastic life of the last real pilots"? No, it has to be dangerous sounding, have drama, relate back to "our brave boys"... Don't get me wrong, I liked what I saw, just thought that angle was a bit overstressed.
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