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  1. Will there be an update to Brisbane to reflect the new parallel runway and airport changes? Tony
  2. Thanks Nick I guess it is down to the NL2000 developers then. I have posted a while ago on their forum without any response thus far. I think others have the same problem. Tony
  3. I recently installed the freeware NL2000 Schipol EHAM airport and found the airport elevation to be incorrect. Naturally I looked to see if I could deactivate it from Orbx Vector but found it wasn't shown. When I looked in the Vector folder there are in fact no Netherlands airports in there at all. Is this normal and how do I adjust the elevation?
  4. I have gone over to P3D this year and all was fine until recently when I started to get this happening. I can fly across it and scenery textures on the other side are perfect. I did install a scenery for Antwerp recently which does seem have caused a number of problems and wondered if this could be related. I have FTX EU, Global, Vector and so on. Any help gratefully received!
  5. Thanks Ticker 7 for the replies. It may be my old eyes but if I look at the second picture I am struggling to distinguish which line of lights is the runway. Possibly the right hand side? But that is just one row visible. I think one of the big problems here is that lack of any approach lighting and the inability to distinguish airfield lighting from surrounding street lighting.
  6. Its over two weeks since I sent this required information when am I likely to get a reply? Thank you.
  7. Hi Jarrad I just put the default trike in the air . Did an approach and saw nothing until I was overhead. Here is a shot overhead and the runway lights are tiny pinpricks of light which as I say are not even visible on the approach. I have landed at most kinds of airports both virtual and real but never had a situation that I couldn't see the runway lights from 500 ft on approach. Thanks for the help.
  8. I bought Broome as an add on to my Aussie FTX collection yesterday and flew in at night. The runway lighting was so dim I simply couldn't see it until I was virtually 30 feet off the runway. I noticed that the airport had "atmospheric night lighting" but does that mean the runway lights have to be so dim. Or have I missed a trick here and didn't switch something on? Thanks for any help.
  9. Thanks guys! Bingo! It was the Mesh Resolution needed to be 5m. NOW I know what that clock sits on! Thanks everyone for your time and help! Tony
  10. Richard and Ken Thank you for your replies. I have been busy so no time to fire up FSX until now. Unfortunately the floating objects are still there! I have the mesh resolution at 1m so no problems there. I clearly have something corrupt in one of the sceneries. My question is can you possibly confirm if the clock, air vents and so on are objects from FTX or AON? I did notice that at one airport that the satellite dish and cage were actually part of a high lift vehicle used perhaps for deicing or something? All very strange! But if I
  11. I have suddenly developed floating objects on all my Norway airports ranging from floating clocks to floating ventilation stacks! I have Airports of Norway and tried it with AON switched on and off. Makes no difference. Any ideas gratefully received as always!
  12. Hi Holger Thank you very much! It looks like it was the OLC being higher than FTX in the library insertion points. Seems to have sorted it! Thanks again very much appreciated! Tony
  13. Since the introduction of FTX Central 2 I have had fairly consistent problems with blocks (or tiles) of land turning to water and vice versa. They the turn back again as you pass over them. This happens mostly when on approach to all the Norwegian airports. I can remember a similar problem that used to happen when you had forgotten to change regions but I thought since the appearance of FTX Central 2 this was no longer necessary. Now it is entirely possible this something I have forgotten to do but I don't see it. Any advice is gratefully received!
  14. Richard I have solved it!! It just occurred to me that I had a YSNF freeware add on I had removed some time ago. Although I had removed the main files there was an YSNF_ADEX_ALT file lurking in the Scenery/World/Scenery folder which of course was altering the altitude of the airfield overriding everything else! I had simply not realised it was there. This is a salutary lesson to us all that so many of these "unsolvable" problems are caused by small files from a previous add on that we didn't even know existed. My sincere apologies for wasting you
  15. Thank you so much for sticking with me on this one Richard but I am afraid nothing works. I even set FTX to the top of my library and unticked ORBX!VECTOR_OBJ,APT,CVX and EXX. I tried it out at every stage but it remains exactly the same! I am at a loss to know what to do to sort the problem. Tony
  16. Thanks for the reply Richard. Here is a screenshot showing the apron up to the level of the terminal roof I can send others showing taxiways and runways above the level of surrounding land but there is a limit on size of attachments. My FTX Central 2 is set to Oceania but there is no option for setting just FTX AU and hybrid mode is set in Global. My Orbx FTX products are all ticked in my Scenery Library. Hope this helps. Tony
  17. I have just bought FTX AU and it shows a new airport at YSNF but it is sitting above the landscape. I tried disabling it in AES but that makes no difference at all. Is this a known problem?
  18. Brilliant Nick thanks so much! I will go searching for it!
  19. I did a quick VFR out of Cardiff and noticed that the St Hilary TV mast is missing just outside the Cardiff Airport circuit. This is a really important VFR reporting point for EGFF Cardiff and definitely should be included if the scenery is to be used for VFR flying.
  20. Sorry guys! Problem resolved! This scenery needs very high end settings in your scenery graphics as per the manual!
  21. I bought Sumburgh yesterday but I have a problem I have tried to get rid of without success. As you can see I am getting textures creeping across runways and aprons. And for some reason the seas around look odd (a bit like mountainous water! All help gratefully received!
  22. I have just bought Norway and what a fantastic scenery! It opens up a whole new world. Just one small question. I have noticed when up close to the scenery both here and in other instances the ground is very mottled like camouflage! Maybe its just me expecting too much but that's what happens when the bar is set this high
  23. Yes Dominique it is the one I used. I think the problem is at the Orbx server end as the download ends after 416Mb whatever method I use.
  24. I am raising this one again. I have tried using a download manager and it still stops at 416Mb. There must be something wrong here. I am sure we would all be grateful for some guidance on this.
  25. I have tried to download update 1.2 three times now but it starts off saying 5.3 Gb time to download 7 hours + then after about 30 minutes and 258 mb it finishes! Am I doing something wrong or is there a problem? Thanks
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