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  1. That was quick, I ordered mine on 3rd January 2019, pre-order and my CC was charged immediately. I've had no communication from Pimax at all since then other than to confirm the order and my address. There's hope yet that it'll arrive before 2020 then!
  2. Does this mean that N.Ireland wont be done now? Are the problems with OSNI online and their pricing?
  3. Hi jjaycee1, where did you get the modded overlay? Did you make it yourself using Ortho4XP?
  4. If we found life on Mars or any other part of the Solar System, no matter how primitive it was, even an amoeba, I'm sure we'd be really interested or else what would be the point in going exploring.
  5. In my opinion this scenery is brilliant and must have taken loads of time and effort to create. I was on holiday in Orlando in the summer and have been flying over the places we visited, brings back memories. I remember lying by the pool and watching private jets flying overhead on final landing at Kissimmee Gateway and thinking 'lucky gits!' Now I can do it on my PC, flying over the easily recognisable pool I was lounging around. I'm having a few problems with the scenery as well but I put it down more to the actual platform than the scenery itself. The designers obviously spent loads of time making hundreds of custom objects and creating a model Orlando. It must be difficult trying to balance features and detail with performance. I hope this scenery is developed for X-Plane as well as X-Plane seems to be developing at a faster pace. I have both sims installed and each have their strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Hey, you're right! Netherlands TE for P3D does have seasons.
  7. I would have thought that 4 seasons in photo scenery would need 4 times the storage space and 4 times the cost for Orbx for buying aerial photos for each season or paying their staff for editing all those textures 4 times. I suppose a solution would be to edit a few areas like mountains to have a bit of snow in winter or use some sort of mask. Who knows, but I'm looking forward to it anyway.
  8. That's brilliant, looking forward to it, keep up the good work
  9. I know that the intention was to release these regions but I think I read somewhere that there was an issue with securing imagery or data so they couldn't be developed anytime soon. Is that the case? I couldn't find where I read it. The reason I ask is that I'm already using my own ortho scenery of Ireland but it doesn't compare with TE GB South and Central which I have bought. The Ireland I'm using needs colour correction and decent OSM data etc etc which is all very time consuming and a total waste of time if Orbx still intend to cover these regions at some stage. I'm really amazed at how Orbx have managed to create such detailed scenery in TE GB in such a short space of time using comparatively little disc space, brilliant.
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