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  1. I wonder why they kicked you out, Calum? I remember last year's ORBx presentation, and both sides (and the rear of the auditorium) were fully occupied by standing people!
  2. How long will it be before the real world will be able to use "E" to start the engines, and "Shift+P" for auto pushback?
  3. Just one question. Will the P3D v4 version of TrueEarth North include higher resolution mesh than the XP11 version? I already have 5m resolution mesh for all of Scotland, but the positions of 3D objects could be a problem if they have been designed to "fit" in a 30m resolution mesh landscape.
  4. Yes, I agree that the link to the Aerodrome charts is poorly signposted in the redesigned site.
  5. Is the link above not just to a redesigned version of the original NATS site? I had the old one in my favourites list, and clicking on that link now takes me to the redesigned site.
  6. I personally feel that the "3DM file" buildings could do with a visual upgrade. Before I disabled them on my system, I noted that many of the buildings looked a bit "bland", and this (coupled with some of the weird geometrical shapes) contributed to many of them looking out of place with the rest of the scenery. On a side note, I would also like to see better looking versions of the Canary Wharf buildings. As these are very close to London City airport, they need to look suitably detailed.
  7. The section of land that "sticks out" in the background is where I will be tomorrow.......Fleetwood in Lancashire. I am going to collect some free RAM that a friend has kindly offered me.
  8. This looks like the spiritual successor to Flight Unlimited 2 The question is........does it include the Farallon Islands (which were notably absent in Looking Glass Studios legendary creation)?
  9. This looks very nice. Looking forward to purchasing the P3D version.
  10. I notice that the Almond Valley viaduct to the west of the runway 06 threshold is depicted as a standard type bridge model. I am interested in the P3D version of this airport, and I would have liked to have seen this viaduct rendered with the proper arches and brick textures. Is that possible?
  11. I did not realise that this was the XP11 Edinburgh thread, so your point still stands!
  12. I have the 2010 Edition of Pooley's Flight Guide, and it is spiral bound.
  13. We already have a decent quality EGGP Liverpool from another developer.....
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