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  1. I will definitely be staying for the two days, and I am really looking forward to the extended format!
  2. If you mean Donald Campbell's jet powered boat, that was Coniston Water in England.
  3. I agree with kaboki. I would prefer to disable any rendition of the Loch Ness Monster when the P3D v4 version is released.
  4. I am almost certain that JV stated that TrueEarth versions of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland will be made.
  5. Not really what I would expect for one of the iconic bridges of the British Isles. It needs a detailed bespoke 3D model.....and I would argue that this should be the case for all of the other large bridges and viaducts throughout the UK. I do not expect to see them all appear as if by magic, but I would hope that this could be a target for future updates. Large bridges are just about the most visible and important examples of 3D landmarks, since they can be seen from considerable distances.
  6. The Tamar Road Bridge looks a bit odd in those screenshots. The towers do not seem to be high enough above the road deck. If this is how it looks for everyone else, then I would suggest that we need a fix to correct this.
  7. Yes, this is what I would not want to see. TrueEarth GB South makes a massive difference to my enjoyment when flying around the southern half of England and Wales, so I would be extremely disappointed if I had to wait another year for GB Central. Of course, I would also prefer to see Scotland completed after that, but at least with GB Central I could finally say farewell to all three of my existing photoscenery volumes of England and Wales. They have served me very well over many years, but they have now been overtaken by far superior tech.
  8. Why release GB South, and then wait over a year before releasing Central? I was really hoping to be able to ditch all three volumes of my current England and Wales photoscenery in the near future
  9. I live on the southern edge of the Lake District, and I can't wait to be able to fly over the TrueEarth GB Central rendition of it in P3D v4
  10. I really, really hope that you are way off the mark with that comment, Kevin
  11. Hi, Tom. It's been a long time since those Flight Unlimited 3 days
  12. I would like to see a control panel option to remove those extrusion bridges. I really do not like simple models of bridges.
  13. I just noticed an autogen building in the Thames (just upstream from the Queen Elizabeth II bridge)....P3D v4 version
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