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  1. So the question becomes.....how fast is he moving in that jet?
  2. I guess you wanted to reduce the size of your Christmas card list, Lars?
  3. OOM - Out of Memory error Since FSX is 32bit software, it can only address a maximum of 4GB RAM, and this can become a problem if you try to run too many complex addons at the same time. P3Dv4 is 64bit, and therefore does not suffer from this issue.
  4. To be fair, a second look at the Tay bridges indicates that they are a bit better than I thought. However, I would still love to see the "three pontoon support" section added to the road bridge, and the steel girder span section added to the rail bridge.
  5. Make sure that you have the TrueEarth GB Library installed.
  6. I note that some of the large bridge models in TrueEarth GB are a bit more basic than I would like. Examples of this include.... Tay Road Bridge - missing the three long support pillars at the point where ships pass under the bridge. Tay Rail Bridge - missing the long central section with the girder spans. Tavy Rail Bridge (near Plymouth) - very basic wireframe which (sorry) looks very poor when compared to the eight span steel girder (four red and four white) and multiple brick arch real world bridge. Runcorn Rail Bridge - same as the Tavy bridge; very basic wireframe. Queensferry Crossing - rather basic looking model that does not have enough support pillars. Tamar Road Bridge - towers do not extend high enough above the road deck. I have not checked most of the bridges in TrueEarth GB, but I worry that some of even the largest and most prominent bridge models will be less detailed than I would like. I really do think that large bridges are just about the most important landmarks in a flight simulator scenery package, and the 3D models need to do them full justice. I would actually prefer not to see a bridge model at all rather than a poor representation of one. I appreciate that there are limits in regional scenery packages like TrueEarth GB, but bridges are so prominent that (in my opinion) they should be given special treatment.
  7. Maybe not in the real world, but I have landed and departed successfully at the Scotflight version of Dundee several times in the 737-600. You have to remember that I fly in an empty plane, so the weight is not a problem. I don't even have to use maximum manual braking and thrust reversers at the same time either. I generally use the thrust reversers down to 75 knots in the 737, and then apply manual braking. It's tight, but how can I resist such a beautiful approach?
  8. I notice that there are lots of excludes in the AFD file that cover the entire airport, so my guess is that the developers decided to use this method instead.
  9. Nice one, Rob. I have just installed Dundee myself, and looking forward to visiting the airport soon in my PMDG 737-600.
  10. Well, all I can say is that Static Airliners were disabled in my config menu, but the models were still there. Maybe it was just a glitch? Whatever the case, I have sorted it out.
  11. I have just noticed that disabling the Static airliners option in the Orbx Central control panel for this airport did not remove them. I have had to disable them manually. Can someone please check that?
  12. If I was going to be picky, I would say that the blurred look of the terminal windows makes them look like low resolution textures.....
  13. I would agree with Nick's comments. I have removed the relevant TrueEarth GB South airports on my PC, and the UK2000 Xtreme airports all work fine. Even better, some kind soul on the UK2000 forum has created a series of batch files that automatically adds the missing autogen files surrounding all of the Xtreme airports, and also the UK2000 VFR Airfields if you still use those. Look for Reply #27, and the attached file "TEGB_UK2000_autogen.zip"..... http://www.uk2000scenery.org/forum/index.php?topic=9895.15
  14. The 737 Immersion v2 package is compatible with the base NGXu product (800 and 900 models) and the 600/700 expansion for the NGXu.
  15. This is a very pleasant surprise, Ed. Count me in for a purchase
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