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  1. How easy is it to see with the naked eye, David?
  2. Is there not a separate entry in Orbx Central for this, Carlos? Are you not able to install it directly from there?
  3. Is there a specific TE Oregon (or TE USA) Object Library that needs to be installed? TE Great Britain has a separate Object Library, and lots of custom buildings and landmarks would not be visible if this was not installed.
  4. What is the area coverage on this one? I know it's impossible, but I would pay serious money to have that section of Sweden between Gothenburg and the south coast covered with high resolution photoscenery, so that I could enjoy approaches to runway 22L at Copenhagen without having to look at landclass scenery
  5. To be honest, I am not sure about that, Carl. I have only recently started using Orbx TrueEarth photoscenery of Great Britain (instead of the Horizon scenery), and my own personal philosophy has always been to remove all other versions of the same airport to avoid any conflicts. In fact, I have been deleting the entire suite of default UK airports ever since I used FSX over a decade ago!
  6. Are you aware that you can set an insertion point for all Orbx scenery packages, Herb? They do not automatically need to be placed at the top of your Scenery Library.
  7. The Bay Bridge looks very strange. There should be two road decks, there is no lattice detail in the structure, the towers are too short (a bit like the Tamar Road Bridge in TE GB South), and the tower sections below the road deck are completely missing. Surely such an iconic bridge needs a more realistic model than that?
  8. Can you check to see if either of those two Pilot Plus CVX flatten files are actually installed, Rick? Maybe take a screenshot of the Pilot Plus Bristol Scenery folder to show the files?
  9. UPDATE: You need to remove the add-on.xml for UK2000 Bristol Xtreme from the C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\[ProductName] folder if you originally installed it this way. Can you check to see if this has been done, Rick? It may not matter, but it is worth checking.
  10. Uninstallation of UK2000 products is generally as simple as deleting the relevant airport folder from wherever it was installed. However, I have asked Gary for clarification with respect to airports that have been installed using the addon.xml method (a method of installation that I avoid like the plague). Are you using any other addons apart from Orbx?
  11. I would be very, very surprised if the scenery looks as good as that across the entire globe.
  12. The ironic part of this story is that I prefer to install all of my Orbx software in the Prepar3D folder, because trying to do it the other way messed everything up. I am really not a lover of the addon.xml method.
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