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  1. musterpilot

    Home town airstrip Coolgardie West Aussie

    It is only a ALA but not in use anymore the last time I flew in there was 1980 she is a bit rough now BTW I have East Coolgardie on my birth certificate
  2. musterpilot

    One fine day somewhere over Australia

    Now that is what I call flying great shots by the way
  3. musterpilot

    Home town airstrip Coolgardie West Aussie

    Yeah a great place to retire the mother of the goldfields in Western Australia
  4. musterpilot

    just 2 around home ypkg

    40 km south west
  5. musterpilot

    Australia gets its first F-35s today.

    Top shot mate John
  6. musterpilot

    Mt Newman mine

    All my images are showing on my pc
  7. musterpilot

    Mt Newman mine

    I will try again mt Newman Pannawonica Paraburdoo Tom Price
  8. musterpilot

    Mt Newman mine

    are my screenshots showing up when I post ?
  9. musterpilot

    Paraburdoo mine

  10. musterpilot

    Kalgoorlie super pit by OZX in P3DV4.4

    If anyone wants Australian scenery download OZx complete package there are many outback airstrips also Alan Blencowe has made a lot of the mines around Western Australia the libs for OZx have been updated for P3DV4