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  1. musterpilot

    could not help my self

    Nice set of shots John
  2. musterpilot

    xp11 Around EGTR.

    Nice clear shots John
  3. musterpilot

    Old Warden and the Avro Tutor.

    Very nice John
  4. musterpilot


    Nice shots John
  5. musterpilot

    Can you see him?

    I think I saw him but then again John
  6. musterpilot

    Night shots

    Nice one John
  7. Fantastic shots John
  8. musterpilot

    Majestically, Nelson to Dunedin.

    Beautiful shots mate John
  9. musterpilot

    If one for today..then

    Very nice John
  10. musterpilot

    Just a few

    Sorry mate getting old these things happen
  11. musterpilot

    Just a few

    Thanks mate Got no air time in the 170 but quite a bit in the 180/185
  12. musterpilot

    Just a few

    Thanks mate
  13. musterpilot

    Just a few

    Thanks Jack
  14. musterpilot

    Touch and go training!

    Looks like your landings are up to scratch John