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  1. any update regarding skypark ? We are waiting down here
  2. Spirit_66 ; yea i already made two continental flights and everthing just perfect... Hail Orbx...
  3. Dear All, I solved the problem it is as Mr. "Wolter van der Spoel" mentioned the "Texture_ID=1" issue. one thing to remember ; you have to always add this command line into scenery.cfg , because everytime you made any change into ftx central, this command line automatically deletes it self. Thanks for all support.
  4. so you mean ; 1)ORBX LIBS 2)America 3)Europe 4)ORBX OPEN LC BASE is it right ?
  5. Today i even uninstalled and re-installed the program, and i did what you adviced, but yet no change, graphics still in mass
  6. but im using Prepar3d ? is this method applicable to Prepar3d ?
  7. No other 3th. party add on i use. and yes i updated ftgx v1.1 patch and then installed latest libraries of orbx.
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen; I would like to say that i have tons of problem with FTX Global All my scenerey göne, near airport i see water textures, yesterday i even saw a ship on the water and not only water, also it seems all trees, ground textures been mixed with A KİTCHEN MİXER I read all of this forum and none helped me regarding to my issue. I mean I paid 100 bucks, and im struggling within the program What are the solutions else? what is this ? This is what people call matrix ? godd....
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