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  1. Great to see my home area in this... Really debating whether to get it or not as love touring New Zealand (Especially the South Island) from my holidays that way but this is my home!!
  2. I presume unticking any ORBX Regions Airports etc. wont affect the Scenery in any way will it (provided that its in the same order?) i.e. Am wondering if the Unified Lookup can be messed up by ticking and unticking ORBX sceneries at will?
  3. Invercargill will be a brilliant addition to ORBX world ... With Dunedin already in existance thanks to Godzone it only really leaves the big two (Auckland and Christchurch) missing
  4. Isnt it a case of ORBX having a fingers in a few pies? I'd be surprised if the team dealing with TrueEarth are the same guys who are handling the Open LC regions
  5. Ushuaia would look even better if given the extra ORBX Airport treatment
  6. Either that or the Airport is being released at the same time as ObjectFlow v2?
  7. UK2000 have just released an updated version of Manchester as have Aerosoft. ORBX on the other hand have released Melbourne and Dubrovnik so with Bilbao and San Diego in the works; larger Airports arent out of the question
  8. Cheers... Didnt think Switzerland / Austria would be included... Just wasn't sure if I had heard somewhere that they were being included as neither are the biggest countries so thought they'd be merged with another area i.e. Switzerland is 41,000 sqm in size
  9. Am I right in thinking that Germany South will include Switzerland and Austria or have I made that up?
  10. Havent purchased any of the OpenLC packs but as new technology comes about will this be ported into already released OLC versions as Service Packs across the board. i.e. Whats being added into NA will be ported into Europe i.e. If something new and improved is done for Asia / SA etc. that will then be ported into NA / Europe and so forth?
  11. Love the classic that is the Globe Swift from Aeroplane Heaven, really nice lil aircraft
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