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  1. After flying around KBUR and comparing to other airports I can definitely say it's just as well performing as other addon airports. Great Matteo and appreciate you taking the time to fix this.
  2. Excellent! I am very excited to try this out, will report back with findings...I did upgrade to a 3080 from my 1080 but will cross compare with other airports (both default and other Orbx ones) to compare. Thanks guys! EDIT: I would be very curious to know what the underlying issue was
  3. Thanks! I was wondering myself, good to hear Matteo excited to hear how it goes.
  4. Hi Jon and others, I did another flight, in around, leaving, and approaching KBUR with the latest patch From what I can tell the sim has an overall improvement in performance in all areas of the world I flew in, however KBUR still has the same amount of massive performance drop not seen in any other Orbx airport I own nor other third party airports so there is still something native with the airport scenery going on. As it is still the only place where I'm still hitting single digit FPS even in steam gauge aircraft like the 152 aerobat. Here are some metrics, but please let me know
  5. Just a small update, just tried latest NVIDIA drivers. No change to this behavior. Excited to hear if you guys found anything new with this issue at KBUR. Thanks!
  6. Hi Jon, my experience is now much like yours, it feels like it's some set of specific model/textures at the airport (I'm a programmer not a artist guy) and it's orientation and relation to other objects or something as well as how you are observing the airport. if I scanned in drone mode I could find places where my FPS was super smoothe and others like you where it dropped down to single digit FPS. I'm not smart enough about art to know what specifically but I did find specific situations of looking at the airport where FPS was consistent to other airports and other scenarios where it was s
  7. I fly exclusively GA airplanes and most specifically the C-172 steam gauge version, the relative drastic FPS reduction as compared to other parts of the world including other Orbx airports is about the same whether it's a steam gauge airplane or a glass panel aircraft, at least for me anyways.
  8. Hi Jon, thanks for the update and glad you guys are looking into it to avoid possible similar issues in future products, so it would be really nice to find the source of the problem. I was excited to try it out and I can say with the new drivers I saw improvements on my end as well, however still comparing to other Orbx airports it's about half the FPS I'm getting at those on the same settings still. Previously I was getting 10-15 with a few times resulting in FPS in the single digits. Now I'm consistently getting 15-25 FPS at a much smoother consistency. However, with the new p
  9. Thanks Jon, I'll give that a try and will report back if I see any improvement.
  10. Appreciate the continued updates Nick! Just like RichUK, the other 3 Orbx airfields I have installed exhibit negligible FPS drop compared to the default airfields. So curious if it's some unique object/texture/light or something that's killing the performance I'd also be happy to try other settings (that already haven't been mentioned on here) to help narrow down the issue. Thanks guys.
  11. I can confirm as well no improvement to framerate around KBUR with latest patch. It's actually even more apparent with the optimizations to the rest of the game in the latest patch but KBUR still comes to as much as a screetching halt (10-15 frames max). Hoping you guys figure out what's causing it, excited to be able to fly around this airport again.
  12. Yep, excited to see a fix for this so looking forward to a patch. Probably gonna hold of future purchases (and definitely read reviews next time!) till this guy gets fixed up.
  13. Good to hear, it's the only airport I haven't been able to enjoy yet so looking forward to a fix.
  14. I get anywhere from 35 to 45 fps with it uninstalled (leaving that way till it gets fixed, hopefully). With it installed I get 10-15 fps with large dips into single digits when panning around.
  15. Problem persist with you recommendations can provide data (screenshots) upon request. i7 7700k OC to 5ghz, NVIDIA 1080GTX, 32gb 3200mhz RAM. No issues with any other Orbx addons or other addons or anywhere else in the world. The fact it feels you are brushing this off, will avoid this particular developer as other Orbx developers don't appear to have this attitude, uninstalled product after recommendations did not have any effect. The problem is with the design and not our systems, full stop.
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