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  1. Hello, I have just built a new Windows 10 system to cope with my recent switch from FSX to P3D. However when I try to install New Zealand North and South Island terrains from the DVD (the only Orbx products I have that are not download versions - and I have just about everything else), the Setup file hangs and will not proceed. Is this a Windows 10 issue and is there any way around this? Regards, Stephen Shallcross.
  2. Thanks Stewart for the reply. Does it matter where scenery libraries are located ORBx locates them at the top but most other 3rd party sceneries place them below their other entries.
  3. Yes. That was my point. Doesn't seem logical but if Nick says my order is correct - that's good enough for me! (Thanks for the reply Nick). I also wondered about the library entries. Orbx seems to have them at the top whereas some other 3rd party sceneries such as UK2000 instruct us to make sure they are below all their sceneries. Stephen.
  4. Hello, Can somebody please check the order of my scenery layers? (Nick Cooper - are you out there?) It seems strange to me that when looking at the 3-D diagram in the ORBx documentation the vector files add the final touches placing rivers, roads, etc but FTX Central does not place them highest on the list. Is this a mistake. Anyway my order is as follows: 3rd party airports FTX Libraries FTX Airports FTX Scenery & Autogen Areas ORBx Open Landclass Areas ORBx Open Landclass Z Base FSX default scenery areas ORBx Vector (5 entries) FSGlobal Ultimate NG Base files (0000 Base, 0001 Base, etc) ORBx Vector AEC default scenery default terrain Regards, Stephen Shallcross.
  5. An indigenous theme. The specially painted Qantas 737-800 over Ayres rock (Uluru) en route from Sydney to Broome. Ayres_Rock.BMP
  6. I guess we were spoilt here in Australia when Orbx / FTX were in their infancy with many great regions and airports. Please tell me you have not outgrown us now that you are a world player producing all those wonderful products for Europe and America. Please come cack to Australia (so to speak) and give us Perth International. It is a very important airport with many flights to Asia, across the continent to the east coast, and all the fly in fly out services for the resources sector. Many hours of flightsimming fun! However nobody has ever done Perth and we in Australia have been crying out for it for over a decade! Kind Regards, Steve Shallcross.
  7. Hello Everyone, I would really appreciate it if someone could please check that I have these in the correct order. 3rd party addons FTX libraries FTX regions all FTX open landclass entries (for all areas) FTX Global vector FTX Global base pack Holgermesh FSGlobal mesh entries FSX base files Kind Regards, Steve.
  8. Hi again Nick, Could you please check that I have the order correct. 3rd party addons FTX libraries FTX regions all FTX open landclass entries (for all areas) FTX Global vector FTX Global base pack Holgermesh FSGlobal mesh entries FSX base files Kind Regards, Steve.
  9. Thanks Nick. That is a great help.
  10. Hello All, As a relative newcomer to ordering entries in my scenery cfg , can someone please outline the rules regarding what needs to be above what. I have Pilots FSGlobal patched for FTX, FTX Global base pack, FTX Global Vector, FTX open LC for Europe and Nth America, Holgermesh, countless FTX airports and countless other 3rd party sceneries (some with their own LC files.) Any help would be greatly appreciated. I did try the search function for these forums to no avail before posting what is probably a dumb request. Regards, Steve Shallcross.
  11. It worked. Thanks for the solution.
  12. Hello, When running Global Vector 1.10 I was able to use the Vector configurator to disable Mumbai (VABB) so that the scenery by Thai Creation would display properly. After installing patches 1.15 and 1.20 and running the new Vector configurator in automatic mode, VABB is not in the disabled list and cannot be found manually. The Mumbai scenery has all the usual elevation issues. Have I done something wrong? Does anybody know how to get this scenery displaying properly? Regards, Stephen.
  13. When installing FTX EU Northern Ireland you get told in the read me file to make sure you have selected default. After installing FTX central you no longer have the default icon. Does this mean FTX Global must be selected in FTX central or do you have to install the European regions before FTX Global?
  14. My apologies. I have now fixed the signature.
  15. Hello everyone, When I fly to Melbourne or Brisbane and land, the taxiways are so blurry you can hardly even make them out. Runways are fine. After sitting at the gate for 5 to 10 minutes the textures slowly return When I load FSX at either of these airports there are no problems and everything displays clearly. I have a high end machine with 8 Gig of ram and an nVidia GeForce 670. (Windows 7 64 bit). What am I doing wrong? Regards, Stephen.
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