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  1. Hello, I have just built a new Windows 10 system to cope with my recent switch from FSX to P3D. However when I try to install New Zealand North and South Island terrains from the DVD (the only Orbx products I have that are not download versions - and I have just about everything else), the Setup file hangs and will not proceed. Is this a Windows 10 issue and is there any way around this? Regards, Stephen Shallcross.
  2. An indigenous theme. The specially painted Qantas 737-800 over Ayres rock (Uluru) en route from Sydney to Broome. Ayres_Rock.BMP
  3. I guess we were spoilt here in Australia when Orbx / FTX were in their infancy with many great regions and airports. Please tell me you have not outgrown us now that you are a world player producing all those wonderful products for Europe and America. Please come cack to Australia (so to speak) and give us Perth International. It is a very important airport with many flights to Asia, across the continent to the east coast, and all the fly in fly out services for the resources sector. Many hours of flightsimming fun! However nobody has ever done Perth and we in Australia have been crying out for it for over a decade! Kind Regards, Steve Shallcross.
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