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  1. I think we should make some statistics of how much is the average time from when a project is announced until its released in this forum to make an average guess
  2. +1 on making the scenery compatible with the Flight Sim Jewels scenery. It would be the perfect match.
  3. You are right @John Venema, I thought August 22 was close to the following weekend, that's why I counted 12 days and said "around 2 weeks". I haven't purchased Oregon yet but wait for the patch day by day in order to do so. Thanks for taking care of more fixes for this patch and again my apologies for the wrong time estimation on my part.
  4. The patch has been delayed for around 2 weeks now. Could we have an update on when we should expect it?
  5. Hello! Any update on when we should expect the patch? I'm looking forward to purchase as soon as its out.
  6. As I highlighted on a separate topic, I would like to underline also here that there is still no news about the Bodo airport for P3D.
  7. Any reply on that? The developers are all silent when this question appears. @John Venema is the Bodo project cancelled?
  8. Thank you very much for the quick fix Ben! It worked! Amazing airport ORBX, thank you for bringing it to us : )
  9. Thank you @John Venema ! Just purchased! I don't see any jetways, maybe something got missed on the release build?
  10. I didn't know that. I could bet it is coming this month reading her announcement.
  11. I'd like to re-start this topic, and repeat Mike's questions. Any news of Bodo ? Is the project still in development?
  12. Thinking the same, as this question still remains unanswered.
  13. I have a question. Will the Canberra Cityscape will be compatible or even necessary with Australia V2 ? I'm thinking to buy now that there is still the sale if that's the case.
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