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  1. Sure, it may be an upgrade from the default however the word ‘excellent’ is subjective. In my opinion and I bet others too, this upgrade wouldn’t be called ‘excellent’. ‘Custom models of the terminals’ certainly makes you think something resembling the real terminal much closer. Nevermind..
  2. I would like to add a criticism to this. I think that ORBX should be more careful in the marketing department. In the preview thread it is written: "Charleston International Airport, included with the package, features custom models of the terminals, satellite imagery, animated people and more. Whilst it doesn't feature the same usual detail as stand-alone airport packages, it's an excellent step up from default. " Looking at the screens above, I fail to see exactly how this airport is an "excellent step up from default"... I believe false advertisement like this should not be present.
  3. Seeing the announcement I'm thinking "Why? There is already a good enough ESGG.." And then, I saw the images... Wow !!!! That's insane!
  4. Thank you very much John. Yes, I had this suspicion, was hoping for something more. It would be nice if they could do the airport too as a separate product.
  5. Hi, I am thinking to buy Charleston CityScene, however in the product page there are not any close ups of the included KCHS Int airport. As I won't find it motivating enough to fly there if the airport is very poorly done, can someone posts some screens of the groundwork and apron/terminal area?
  6. Hi, If there is any update we'd be happy to know..Patiently waiting..
  7. Any later news regarding progress on Alderney?
  8. I think we should make some statistics of how much is the average time from when a project is announced until its released in this forum to make an average guess
  9. +1 on making the scenery compatible with the Flight Sim Jewels scenery. It would be the perfect match.
  10. You are right @John Venema, I thought August 22 was close to the following weekend, that's why I counted 12 days and said "around 2 weeks". I haven't purchased Oregon yet but wait for the patch day by day in order to do so. Thanks for taking care of more fixes for this patch and again my apologies for the wrong time estimation on my part.
  11. The patch has been delayed for around 2 weeks now. Could we have an update on when we should expect it?
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