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  1. I have a question...what is the LOD radius in FSX.cfg with these images please? Awesome shots by th way...cannot wait to get the "final" piece of the puzzle. Best regards, Rene
  2. Looks good...would be nice to see some from Zurich city, Berne and so on. Best regards from Zurich, Rene
  3. Awesome!!!...Switzerland around the corner
  4. yes it was a joke, so dont get your knickers in a knot. we talking about scenery addon for our virtual world and not some real world, life changing product that if it fails, we could endanger our lives an those around us. You have a bad sense of humor here
  5. just release it already and we wont complain about bugs :)
  6. I think I will need to take leave when Open LC EU is out
  7. April has 30 days So that could mean anything up to another 3-4 weeks And quoting Mr. Venema: "We are targeting an April release for openLC EU, but please keep in mind there's a lot of testing and tuning to do yet, so don't hold us to it :)"
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