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  1. Hi there, At the moment, this is not possible as far as the orthoimagery is concerned. While the SDK does allow us to compile custom orthoimagery -- some of our MSFS airports and landmarks city packs include it -- there are several hard barriers to cover areas much larger than ~100 sq km, and TE Eastern Alps is ~1,000 times that size! The MSFS package builder only allows for a single ortho CGL file per project, while Eastern Alps, in the P3D version, has some 350 tiles whose individual Photoshop source files are about 5-8GB each, meaning we can't possibly comb
  2. Hi there, the intention certainly is to have those pads landable. I've just checked and the collision flag is actually set for that building's pad area so I'll need to investigate further what's going on. Does the helipad on the Allied Health Building at the NE end of downtown work? Cheers, Holger
  3. Hi Thomas, that looks like the infamous "shotgun" pattern of the default seasons control file; see https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/151445-snow-and-not-snow-in-north-america/ and https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/86437-season-transition-problems/?do=findComment&comment=797642 The only workaround is to switch to another month. Cheers, Holger
  4. Hi there, if you're referring to our initial compatibility update for World Update 3, that finally landed in the MS Marketplace a couple of weeks ago. It should be listed in your Content Manager as v 2.0.0. The larger update with new objects and further enhancements is still in progress; see https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/206241-london-landmarks-pack/ Cheers, Holger
  5. Hi Chris, we would have liked to cover the entire Adelaide region with custom orthoimagery. However, there are hard limits for this in MSFS, at least for now, and thus we had to select about 100 sq km of the downtown, industrial, and shoreline areas. As John mentions, hopefully a future update by MSFS will bring better-coloured Bing imagery to the larger Adelaide area. Cheers, Holger
  6. Hi there, for Orbx Direct customers the update has been available for a couple of weeks: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/205545-landmarks-london-city-pack-for-msfs-update/ Note the information about the control panel / configuration option. Also, I've noticed that the MS Marketplace now has an "Update" tag on the Landmarks London City Pack so the patched version appears to have finally arrived there as well. Cheers, Holger
  7. Hi there, have you tried verifying the Orbx Libraries? The water polygons within and surrounding our Regions require custom entries in the global terrain.cfg file. Those entries are implemented and checked by the Orbx Libraries. The libraries are listed in Orbx Central under Global Range, at the bottom. Cheers, Holger
  8. Hi there, something else to check is whether you have any other add-on for the London area installed (in your Community folder). There are some freeware Thames fixes and photogrammetry packages that would add to the overall load and also be incompatible. I assume you have the new World Update GB and Ireland installed and active and our Landmarks package configured for it? Cheers, Holger
  9. Hi Greg, that looks 'correct'. Photogrammetry is essentially an "unstructured" texture draped over high-resolution mesh and thus has no awareness of where windows are and thus no custom night lighting like autogen or custom buildings do. Instead, some basic algorithm adds window-like overlays at night. In fact, most of the lighting comes from dynamic floating spotlights that illuminate the facades externally. Photogrammetry and its processing for MSFS can lead to some pretty funny representation of reality, like this Ferris wheel in Tokyo. One can actually gather how th
  10. Hi Michael, actually, it's possible to separately deactivate photogrammetry (PG) that is provided via a World Update because it has a separate entry in the content manager. Moreover, since it's just a small folder that activates rather than includes the data (all PG is streamed), installing and uninstalling it won't take long. Then again, the global PG on/off switch can be accessed during a flight so it's easier to correct if one forgets to make the desired change beforehand. Given that PG is streamed it's possible that better data will become a
  11. Hi there, the duplicate objects indicate that you're in the mode without World Update. Please use the Configure option in Orbx Central to switch to "with World Update" mode. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/205555-updated-london-landmarks/?do=findComment&comment=1748492 FYI, the flickering in the water is an inherent issue with the London photogrammetry and can't be fixed by us; it's present without London Landmarks as well. If it's to bothersome try turning photogrammetry off while flying over London. Cheers, Holger
  12. Hi there, are you perhaps in offline mode, meaning Bing data has been turned off? If so it's possible that our custom aerial imagery doesn't get displayed correctly either. Cheers, Holger
  13. Hi there, actually, ending up with duplicate GUIDs by chance is extremely (astronomically) unlikely, assuming that developers actually use random-GUID generators. GUIDs are in use for other sims and games & apps everywhere and they are 128-bit strings for that very reason: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universally_unique_identifier The issue here is very specific in that a GUID, included in the SDK with one of the example packages, has been re-used. In other words, for whatever reason the developers didn't follow the required approach of always generating a new rand
  14. Hi there, thanks for the feedback, we're already hard at work as mentioned here: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/205264-compatibility-of-orbx-landmarks-london-city-pack-with-microsoft-world-update-united-kingdom/ For suggestions please see https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/205283-ideas-for-landmarks-london-following-msfs2020-uk-update/ Not sure though what's supposed to be wrong with the Cutty Sark in glorious photogrammetry or HMS Belfast as two shiny new superyachts... Cheers, Holger
  15. Hi there, those overlapping buildings aren't default but rather look like another custom addon, probably a Google-based photogrammetry package for the area. If so you need to deactivate it to use our Landmarks Singapore. Cheers, Holger
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