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  1. OK, hopefully the update will fix it. But I was not the only one. I tried several flight in here at got a CTD on approach every time Others on AVSIM had the same CTD in the same spot until someone came up disabling the grass in the configuration setting for CYSE and it fixed it for all concerned including me.
  2. So I understand that there is an issue with grass settings under configuration settings for individual airfields. I fixed a CTD I was getting on final into CYSE by disabling the grass setting at the top of the list. I saw there where more grass setting there but I left those as they where. I have heard to disable grass setting at OBRX airfeilds. This is a bit vague since each airfield seem to have a number of different types of grass setting. Are there any guidelines as to address this?
  3. I followed the instructions here: But I had to add p3dv5 folder to the library because it was not there. I then copied PNW and CYSE to that folder. They showed up as installed under Prepar3D V5 in Central 4.1.5. I verified files but when I started the sim I do not get a popup to add the addon as per usual and they are not in the scenery library in the sim and the scenery in the sim is default.
  4. No, No, No. you are supposed to get wiser with age and your delusions less frequent! Tut tut!
  5. Hah! Thanks. Everytime I looked at that over the last few weeks and it didn't work I just didn't bother posting to find out what was up. And now just before I checked to see if there was a reply I figured it out all on my own. LOL!
  6. Operating system: Windows 10 Pro 1909 Simulator: Prepar3D V4.5.13.32097 Screenshot: Issue: I cannot install Global lights configurator. I get a message that reads : ERROR: There are no builds available for this Product central.log
  7. Jezz! I think I'll just turn down the effects slider.
  8. Thanks and yes I knew that. I wish I could remember all the little fixes after I do a reinstall. Now I know how to get ride of virticle waves. (Deleting ORBX library.cfg or something like that and reinstalling) and I know I know how to get ride of night textures during the day around FT cyyz (turn off land class in FT configurator or something like that) But don't worry about replying I can find those solution on my own. Thanks for your patience.
  9. anyone know a fix for this. This is global with Vector and OPenLC. It's NW of JFK but I see it all the time everywhere as far as I can remember. I am using Central I have synced with simulator to no effect and If I recall its like this with or without the beta layering:
  10. After the recent update update of TrueEarth GB south the bump at the beginning of rwy 27 is huge. There was a small bump there before the update which was bad enough but now its unusable.
  11. Install all 3 TE GB regions in Z plane 11. Drive was not big enough to accommodate all. Used Junction Link Magic to move "Orbx_C_GB_South_TrueEarth_Orthos" and "Orbx_C_GB_Central_TrueEarth_Orthos" to another drive. When I load a flight in or around London I get this message: I hoping there is a fix that doesn't involve a complete reinstall. To me several hours to install all 3 regions.
  12. Per the instructions above I turned off the Vector entries in the Scenery library. While doing that I notices that 3 flytampa entries where way down among the FTX entries in the scenery library. I moved those up to the top of the scenery library. Then when I loaded a scenario with PAVD the rouge road traffic was gone. I then reactivated the Vector entries in the scenery library and the rouge road traffic is still gone. I just check it again and its still gone. Make of it what you will but that's all my issues pertaining to this post resolved. If you interested I attached my scenery.cfg anyway.
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