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  1. @John Venema - How much system RAM do you have? 32GB? I've got 16GB and manage to just get 20fps in London using the same graphics settings. X-Plane seems to need a lot of RAM for heavy addon scenery.
  2. This looks incredible. PNW is still my favourite Orbx LC region, so I look very forward to this. I do wish Laminar would fix the tree shadows though. The forests can look quite unnatural, especially when the sun is low, with the self-shadowing trees.
  3. Thank you for this ORBX! It definitely adds immersion to the flight simming experience. Will you be considering implementing SAM (jetways,VDGS, marshallers) for XP11 airports?
  4. Awesome to see McCaig's Tower in Oban made it in as a POI. Looking forward to this region!
  5. It is excellent to hear Orbx is considering both of those options instead of just pursuing one over the other. I would be keen for the LOD14 Seasons edition for P3D, as that's the sim I use for flying tubeliners and the more powerful dual props. Seasonal textures add an extra layer of immersion for me when flying with real weather year-round. With the incoming version of xEnviro and it's snow feature, I'm happy with the one season and higher resolution for X-Plane for GA flying. I'm not sure if I could fly GA with LOD14, but I'll give it a test with P3D.
  6. This is all so awesome! It's particularly great to see the continuation of Cityscape products, they are excellent in combination with OpenLC for tubeliner flying. It will be very interesting to see how Global for XP turns out at the end of development. Just one thing I'm wondering - what about those Alaskan airports that were in the 2018 roadmap? Has that been cancelled/put on hold?
  7. Thank you all Although I still use P3D a lot more, flying in AFS2 is an amazing and beautiful simming experience, both on a monitor and in VR.
  8. Here are some shots from my first flight into KPSP, in Aerofly FS2... Awesome work Jarrad! Looking forward to what airport you have coming next to AFS2.
  9. Thank you all True Earth in AFS2 is quite an incredible experience.
  10. Some shots I took during a short hop over the Netherlands in AFS2...
  11. A stunning piece of scenery in a beautiful and smooth flight sim. Netherlands TrueEarth (AFS2)...
  12. Truly incredible. Looking forward to when it's time for the "final shots".
  13. Jay109 - I haven't had any performance reduction. I have a GTX 1070 8GB graphics card. AFS2's development is real slow but I find it rewarding. With each update there's always something big or small that adds more depth to the sim. IPACS are very focused on making sure each feature is high quality. For now AFS2 is great for VFR and because of that I'll probably spend more time in the AFS2 TrueEarth regions. I also personally enjoy flying the A320 and Q400 in the current DLC areas, and when ATC is implemented it shall be more fun. # With the TE regions coming out for AFS2 they will provide a good opportunity to assess the different platforms.
  14. Stunning shots Iain! TrueEarth is looking incredible in AFS2, and then to think how amazing the performance will be. Am looking very forward to the imminent release so I can ditch the 15-25fps and occassional stutters with turned down options in P3D for the AFS2 experience.
  15. I just fell for it again myself. I tend to think that preview threads should be locked once the product is released.
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