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  1. Introducing FTX LSGK Saanen airport - freeware

    This is absolutely perfect! Many thanks for that!
  2. Australia KMZ

    Sent you a PN
  3. LDDU - Dubrovnik - P3Dv3.2

    Nice shots. And a nice job by Misha. I know the city and therefore this is a "must have" :-)
  4. Grand Canyon

    Yes, OZx is good but have you tried blueskyscenery? The resolution is 1m/px and it has a 10m mesh included. They offer most of the USA for free. Off course donations are welcome. Try this for Utah: http://www.blueskyscenery.com/UT.html
  5. Ftx global

    Hi Andy, FTX Global covers everything because it just replaces the original textures. This is much better than the original but just as accurate as the "normal" landclasses are. But in fact, the regional sceneries like Norway, England, PNW etc. are much more accurate and detailed than FTX Global. The regional sceneries are NOT displaying the entire real landscape (like a photoreal scenery does) but are very close to reality with some POIs in photoreal quality, the other parts are very accurate landclasses and textures which are close to the real boundaries of towns, flieds, woods, mountains etc. And the seperately sold airports and airfields are photoreal with (in most cases) an uge photoreal area around them. Most of the products are really worth buying, some like England could need a little more "refinement".... Hope this is helpful for your decisions...
  6. Successful Migration of all my sims....

    Sounds good, but is far away from my experience :-( Visiting several locations all over France, England, Germany, New Zealand and USA I found lots of mixed up sceneries, popping up and disappearing in squares when flying over. Some deserts in England, some woods and mountain textures at the French coast, with square coastlines, rivers mixed up with green fields and parts of cities... For me it's a big desaster!
  7. announcement OrbxDirect store and FTX Central v3

    Hi Dominique, I don't have any problems with Johns car because I own a similar one and I like it :-) And being money driven is not a fault, but after about 30 years in business I've learned one lesson: listening to the serious customers (not only the fanboys...) and keeping a good relation to all business partners puts your own succes on a stable and reliable fundament.
  8. announcement OrbxDirect store and FTX Central v3

    Sorry, but since when is having and telling an own opinion a fault, Stewart? As he has shown it before John V. is money driven, which is ok for a businessman from Down Under or America, but we the Europeans are a little bit more "old school". We are not so "shareholders value first" oder "Big Boss' Porsche first" and don't only think in quarterly revenues but also in real customer benefits and good busines partner relationships. And reading all the posts here there is only one guy mentioning "the horrible service of FSS", but in fact for me Adrian allways did a great Job and that's what most of the other guys are writing.
  9. announcement OrbxDirect store and FTX Central v3

    Hm, I'm not happy with this but that's Johns business decision and I'm afraid it's a do-or-die for the customers... And I was very satisfied with Adrian and I hope this will not be the death of FSS! The preview pics are great but I'm a bit experienced with software development and I hope this will not end as a part of an old Alphaville song: "Hoping for the best but expecting the worst..." Ok, one point for the wishlist: I allways asked for a correct invoice, but that was the only point FSS never could handle. The so called invoices were completly useless for European customers. So I hope the new ORBX store will definitly fix this issue?!
  10. FTX EU Germany North - P3Dv3.2

    Wow, that's great, hardly can wait for that :-) Hopefully Germany South is the next one?
  11. announcement FTX EU England SP005 is coming

    Wow, I'm frequently flying over England and that's amazing! Thank you!!!
  12. KPSP Palm Springs V1.1 P3DV3.2.

    Well, I was waiting for that. Looks good :-)
  13. Keeping the tradition of great ORBX freeware airports alive, I think this will be another GREAT one :-) Simply can't wait for it! Thanks man!!!
  14. Hi caaront, I would recommend FS Global Real Weather. It's the only weather engine I've found that generates real flat low altitude cloud layers, as you will find them all around the world in reality. It's just an engine, not a texture pack, therefore you should combine it with good cloud textures like the REX ones for best results. The other weather engines I've tested just use normal cumulus clouds with their normal cloud structuture and height and pack them at low altitude. Looks nice and sometimes dramatic but is far from reality. With FS Global RW you are much closer to the real thing. I know it because my three monitors are standing at a big window and I just have to rise my eyes to compare simulation with reality.
  15. We are developping hardware for FSX and P3D, so I installed P3D V3 yesterday. As FS GLOBAL 2010 and all the FS Global Ultimate had already be installed for V2, I just put the path in the scenery.cfg of V3, renumbered it and everything is working fine. I also made some "install sets" of the FS meshes years ago, meaning that I simply copied the scenery-directrories which had been installed by the FS installer to seperate directories on my "FSX/P3D install set disc". F.e. I created a directory called FSGUX EUR for the FS Ultimate Europe mesh and copied the suitible scenery directory created by the FS installer into it. All is bundled in a main directory called "FSGlobal". Due to some reasons I have to reinstall my P3D every few months, so I simply copy the "FS Global install sets" (in this cases the entire "FSGobal" directory) to the P3D SSD and add the paths to the scenery.cfg (what can also be done in P3D itself). This method is much easier and much faster to than using my slow original FS Global DVDs.