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  1. G'day Don, thanks for sharing! Regarding YAMB and surroundings, did you manage to identify/find the key VFR landmarks/features? QEII stadium, major arterial roads/mwys etc?
  2. Thanks Sibbritt! The problem with that link is I think it's for FSX, which could mean it may work for P3D, but no guarantees. Also, there still isn't many options for YBAF. With the release of Australia V2, thought I'd try it, in combination with Toposim, Vector, Global etc. No custom airports installed (still waiting for a license transfer from FSS). It seems like I'm missing much details. I can't find VFR reporting points, prominent highway/features (which I though is suppose to be delivered by Orbx Vector?). Does this sound like I'm missing?
  3. Thanks for the reply guys. What's the best/most accurate to date option I have for areas from Coomera up?
  4. Hi all, If I would like to be kitted out with the most accurate scenery (Archerfield, YBAF aerodrome and surrounding areas) to supplement my current pre-RPL flight training (just to practice/learn/familiarise where all the points of interest/reporting points are and area procedures), which scenery/addon packages (orbx or not) will I be needing for the current P3D V4.5 (I think)? Ideally enough detailed scenery to cover the Brisbane VTC, or at least the south part of that and north part of Gold Coast VTC. I do have Orbx Global, Orbx YBBN, Orbx YBCG, but that's it. Will "CityScene Gold Coast" cover from Jimboombaish area out to Straddie? Like including Logan area, Mt Gravatt, Mt Cotton etc, as well as all the major arterial roads/freeways? Or am I not looking in the right places? Thanks in advance Brendan
  5. Ah ok that's good to know. I know this was what happened with REX 4, I looked it up and someone said if you already had a purchase history from FSS, then discount will automatically be applied. Just wanted to double check that was the case for VECTOR as well. Thanks for the reply Ray.
  6. Hi all, Couple months back when I made the purchase for FTXGlobal, it was on some kind of a sale that with any purchase of FTXGlobal there was going to be a 10% off discount or something of that nature applied when VECTOR is released. I made the purchased there and then based on this offer, and now that I'm ready to make the purchase for the VECTOR, can I get some directions on how to apply that discount? Regards, Brendan
  7. Thanks Tim, message sent, let me know how it goes.
  8. I have a rather sensitive issue that I would like to raise privately with the ORBX crew. However I tried couple of ORBX official's private message system, they seemed to not work. So who and how can I contact someone about this issue? Cheers,
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