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  1. I do realize the emphasis of the scenery is the City of Charleston with that said, after a brief taxi at KCHS I noticed the terminal lacked jet bridges. Are they not part of the terminal model? Overall this will be a nice destination for my SWA PMDG 737. Thanks Ben
  2. Hi Lawrence, Thanks for responding. Oddly enough along with issues at KSUN I was having terrain issues between my LVFR KMYS scenery and US Cities New Orleans. I deleted the terrain.cfg and restarted the sim. That rebuilt a new terrain.cfg and all is well now!!!
  3. As you can see in screen shot I start at the gate at about 400 feet AGL then gently descend to the ground(much like a F 35B). I have never had this problem in recent memory any assistance would be most welcome.
  4. Thanks to all of you for your help. I have located Townsville thanks to Craig's link.
  5. LOL, thanks Smudger, I appoligize for my haste in posting this incomplete request. I am Looking for the Ozx scenery for Mackay Airport. In addition would like to locate Townsville YBTL if that scenery is available. Thanks
  6. Hello, I have successfully located YBNA and YBSU but have not been able to locate YBMK. If someone could steer me to it would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Not sure if this is the correct place for this post. I would like to combine the models from P3D4 AI Traffic Australia and New Zealand package with the textures and flight plans from AI Traffic North America General Aviation P3dv3. Unfortunately I no longer have the files for AI Traffic North America. Attempted to download from FTX Central v3.2.5.7 and was not successful. Suggestions about how to obtain this file would be appreciated. Kindest regards, Timothy Groth
  8. Hello all, Just received new computer with P3Dv3 installed. I have 4 cd's that are dual installers. Australia SP 4, Siletz Bay, Felts Field, and Southern Alaska 1.0. Each attempt at installation is meet with a Radio Button error even after I have select P3D. I suspect its an issue with the version I am using but not sure. Recommendations for best course of action. Thank you
  9. Hi Nick thanks for responding. It is ITALYSIM DESIGN - LAMEZIA TERME 2016 P3DV3 saw it on Sim Market
  10. Recently came across a scenery of interest that is for P3dv3. Can this scenery be installed into FSX-Steam?
  11. In Hamburg now will be the first thing I purchase once stateside. Outstanding work Team ORBX.
  12. Installed new 250 GB SSD with fresh install of current FSX scenery. Issue resolved case closed.
  13. Wolter, Is this the issue? I simply require a library update. If so, why has the two previous lib installs not rectified the situation?
  14. Recently installed PAJN with ORBXLIBS on 9/09/2013. Issue unresolved. Additional assistance required. Thanks
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