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  1. Hello people! When I want to temporary disable Vector for P3Dv5, is it enough to disable this scenerys: Orbx!VECTOR_P3D5_OBJ Orbx!VECTOR_P3D5_CVX Orbx!VECTOR_P3D5_EXX ??
  2. Hello! I want a new installation of openLC, Vector and Global in P3Dv5. Should I choose the Library mode or inside simulator (legacy) mode? I think the old installation mode give me more control regarding scenery layers.
  3. Hello people! Using P3D 4.5 HF3. Yesterday I noticed a big area of desert in the city of budapest, around the danube river. After "verify files" of openLC europe, the problem is gone and all seems to be fine. Could it be a problem after openLC africa installation? Does openLC africa interrupt the LC of europe?
  4. I see there are many green fields in the area of HEGN and also in other areas. I compared with real life satelite images and there is no green field:
  5. Since I'm using FTX Central in the latest Version ( All my add-on.xml files are overwritten with new one from OrbX, where the <Layer>xx</Layer> Option is set. I'm manually configure my add-on.xml's and I dont want any overwrite of them. For ORBX i'm using the old scenery library method. Waht can I do to prevent modify all of my hundrets add-on.xml's where ORBX has nothinf to do with?
  6. Hello! After using the migration tool of ORBX cental 4.0.2, I have many files twice. For example: Effect Files or Files in the Global Scenery. Cause there is no real migration. It's a simple new installation of the products into the new library folders. Also loose all settings after migration (vector for example)
  7. No, vector is the problem. I can confirm: Disable this folderfor testing: ORBX!VECTOR_CVX will solve the problem! It looks like change hight in waterbodies.
  8. OK, now I installed a freeware-mesh and now it's ok. It looks like the water-areas has correct high but island terrain has not enought resolution.
  9. Hello! I'm using P3Dv4.1 with FTX Global, Vector and openLC europe. There is a elevation-problem with water-areas: I have no other scenery installed in this area. So, please help me how to fix this.
  10. Many Thanks! Disable the wave-controller in terrain_global_v-cfg has solved the problem. Not the best solution but it works.
  11. Wich Infos you need? I had the same problem with vector on FSX, P3Dv3 and now on P3Dv4. I have about 80 fps but when I flying over the channel and reaching the coast of england, the frames are stable but it sutters alls 3-4 seconds. I have high-end Computer: i7-8700K @ 5100Mhz, 32GB RAM, Samsung 960 Pro M.2 SSD, Geforce 1080 Ti card. FYI: No ohter addons installed only ORBX Vector, Global, openLC, no tweaks in prepar3d.cfg
  12. Hello! I have installed FTX Global, Vector and openLC europe. (All newest). I'm using P3Dv4.1. Always when I reach coast of england, I have many many stutters but Framerate is good. Is there a solution?
  13. Hello. I have the same stutter-problem. Which Gauge and Effect File is regardin about this?
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