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  1. Fab shots! Great angles, great lighting, crisp and photo realistic...
  2. Sweet set! Loving the terrain.. i assume this is the latest Global Ultimate mesh still?
  3. As it says in the release announcement - " ...and ready for P3Dv4 - apart from its 3 windsocks "
  4. Sweet set my friend :)!
  5. Mostly using PTAbsolute preset for PTA, all ORBX of course... thanks!
  6. Welcome aboard! You won't regret it and i look forward to seeing more screenies from you. Oh, and i can also wholeheartedly recommend the PTAbsolute PTA preset to you and anyone else here. I'm getting very nice results from this preset and it's free, so, why not check it out.
  7. I'm not only happy to install without ObjectFlow, but i'm happy to report back with any finding to Orbx. What i'd really love is for Orbx to release an Open Beta of Objectflow for us to check and report back on if need be. Maybe it would speed up any fault finding and involve this community some more. I'm sure they would have plenty of takers and they have nothing to lose!
  8. Yep, one more for the release of the full fat airports sans objectflow. We're all pretty much grown up and savvy enough to go with it and realise the shortcomings without kicking up any fuss with Orbx, assuming there are no other side effects that may cause crashing etc, though even then i'm happy to report back and then disable any airports that might start giving problems. And hey... how about an Open Beta for ObjectFlow.....?! There would be many takers i'm sure and Dev time would speed up surely?! .. cheers!
  9. Hmmf, that's a shame Col... Orbx should at least give you a free region, airport or something! And if i hear nothing to that effect here from them, then i'll gladly gift you a region or airport myself. Orbx can let me know how i might go about this in order for it to appear on your account once you've registered for your eligibility as a senior. cheers!
  10. Just had a quick fly around in the Rift and i gotta say, that's pretty impressive stuff right there.... Whilst the main game itself is relatively pretty, it lacks ground details and any real kind of autogen and i'm really not a great fan of photoreal, especially when you get close, but LOWI shows how this game can render detail and render detail oh-so-good, even in a VR environment. I ran at ultra settings with render target at 2 and it was still silky smooth in VR. Now, if ORBX were to port over their regions and airports and IPACS were to add ATC and AI.... well... we can on
  11. We really are in the area of processing power vs resolution... CPU/GPU power is still lacking in order for us to render hi-fidelity VR and as has been said before, this puts some off.. saying that, anyone that has had a play of VR will admit that despite its shortcomings and the fact that corners have to be cut in terms of overall detail/resolution in order to run at the necessary 90fps (what do YOU run at on your normal monitor setup?! ..!) it still offers an experience that really should be checked out by everyone... Sims are an obvious area and one that is especially tempting for us, but al
  12. Really love #1 and it's art-deco like hanger... where was this shot?!
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