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  1. This is awesome! Thanks, Misha! And for fans of the 70's TV show Baa Baa Black Sheep, the eastern end of Santa Cruz Island can be seen in the closing credits of each episode as the Corsairs fly over it.
  2. ooooooooooowwweeeeeeeeeee! Except for the awesome scenery, the jaw-dropping PBR and the incredible atmospheric colors, those are great shots!
  3. In the photo of the crew of the Lady Be Good, navigator DP Hays looks about 75 years old, although he was only 24...
  4. ... flying over the exact location in the Libyan desert where the B-24D Lady Be Good finally came to rest in the early morning of April 5th, 1943...
  5. Tomahawk IIB pilot Neville Duke is checkin' out the Great Sphinx of Giza... The Pyramid of Khafre (left of center) has some erosion issues, but remains otherwise intact P3Dv4 A2A P-40 Orbx openLC Africa Prepar3D.cfg
  6. LOVE the new-'n-improved Orbx Central, especially the 'Discover' feature!
  7. Speaking of Africa... I just learned about (thanks to a Google splashscreen on my computer) about the Abu Simbel temples, Aswan, Nubia, Egypt (southeast corner of Egypt, and off the southeast end of Abu Simbel airport, HEBL, which you can see in the top middle of the image below, with the location of the temples near the bottom in the image) P3Dv4.5 Default area of the temples and the Abu Simbel airport in the distance: I wonder if the temples will be modelled in openLC Africa...
  8. Thanks, Nick; Issue resolved. "... Orbx Central YMUI, "Verify files," and ticked the unticked box to activate the Aus v. 2 scenery." Thanks again!
  9. Hi, Not a big deal but, I have a runway elevation issue at YMUI. I've tried both 'Disabled' and 'Enabled' in the AEC section of Vector, but no change in the sim. I took screenshots of a takeoff from YMUI, one 'Disabled' and the other 'Enabled.' I don't have any add-on scenery for this area... just ORBX. (Murray Island Airport, Version 1.1.0 installed and up-to-date) Any ideas on how to correct this? Thanks, Paul
  10. Those are some V-utiful shots!
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