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  1. While working from home I'm able to do some flying on a 3rd computer monitor. As my main focus is on work (on my other 2 monitors), I mainly stick to crusing along coasts to keep navigation easy. Took off from Sekiu in NW Washington state, flew NW, around the tip, then headed south along the coast. Ozette Lake is off to the left... P3Dv4.5 A2A T-6 Texan
  2. Nice atmospheric shots!! Very realistic.
  3. Fantastic shots, Iain! They got me thinking... For moving airport vehicle traffic, maybe have a snow plow pushing around snow (similar to the tractor on a farm at other ORBX airport areas).
  4. I love seasoning, so it's LOD14 for me... Single-season-only TE was a deal-breaker for me, as I enjoy seasonal variety. Besides, what's TE Colorado without snow? ;-)
  5. Oregon and California sound nice; Lookin' forward to those! (I'm keeping my fingers crossed for TrueEarth Colorado someday, too.) John, will the islands off the coast of southern California get the TrueEarth treatment as well, or just the mainland? -Paul
  6. Butch has perfect posture. ;-) He'd make a good nutcracker.
  7. Great video and superb lighting! At first I thought the sky was peppered with flak bursts... ;-)
  8. Nice video! I almost bought that plane (since it seemed the A2A P3dV4 version is gonna take a long time to arrive). Though the plane is excellent, the one thing that bothers me is the spinning hub, where it appears the propeller blades are missing... and you just see hub holes.
  9. I think I found part of the Great Barrier Reef... S18° 12.31' E146° 41.61' P3Dv4.4
  10. I hope that this snow technique, whatever it is, can be applied to future ORBX releases.
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