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  1. On the Catwalk - eeh, Catwhale

    You can almost hear the wailin' of the engines... Beautiful shots... especially the last one!
  2. I saw online somewhere a Night Environment package for North Korea, but the download size was 0Mb... What up wid dat?
  3. P3D V4 first impressions

    I'm impressed with P3Dv4 so far. It'll be much better after it's been Orbx-ized. :-) LM did a pretty decent job with Logan Airport in Boston, MA. A comparison between a GoogleEarth image and P3Dv4 of the tower at Logan Airport... LM did a nicely with the sky and cloud textures, too, IMHO. Snow looks a bit CharlieBrown-ish, but at least it's an improvement. ;-)
  4. Really lookin' forward to seeing the new P3D "rain/snow particles" and hoping they get it right.
  5. No pilotable version of the SS Minnow, huh? Three cases of Molson... one for each hour of the tour. Seriously though, excellent job with this scenery, Larry! Really lookin' forward to it!
  6. Departing KSAN (at sea level!)

    Awesome set! Very impressive!
  7. Excellent news! Lookin' forward very much to this addition. Thanks, Sylvain!
  8. Hi TTM, I believe it's part of Lockheed Martin's P3D package. I currently use P3Dv3.4 -Paul
  9. That screenshot was taken from the the window in the airport bar upstairs that overlooks the parking garage, after a few cocktails...
  10. Where are the 'hard winter' screenshots showing the snow and ice? Seriously... Very excited about this impending release!
  11. Announcing LEBB Bilbao Airport

    This is GREAT! :-) I have dear friends that live a few hours west of Bilbao, in Oviedo. Instant buy!
  12. Germany North: Comparison Shots

    Absolutely! I was thinking the same thing. Other than the incredible land variations, the other thing that I found striking are the indigenous buildings and building tops, as compared to the generic ones shown in openLC. These GIF comparisons should be a mainstay of product previews. Awesome job, ORBX!