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  1. resolved ESSA Stockholm-Arlanda SP P3D v4

    Looking forward to this update.
  2. Can't see Vectors in FTX Central

  3. One more day.

    Very nice.
  4. The Big Wait v4

    They are waiting for a third party to complete the control panel was the latest info for Vector. So basically when its ready, not sure about the airports, I think its something to do with the flow tech if I remember correctly which is holding up release.
  5. Vector for P3D v4 #topic locked#

    My guess is because this question has been asked and answered so many times already.
  6. Departing Heathrow

    Very nice, just out of interest are you running default EGLL or have you got one of the add-on airports to work? Nice livery also
  7. AI traffic

    Ken, it covers the world as far as I know, I have loaded up KSFO, KDEN, EGKK, LOWW, YSSY, YMML and all of these airports had traffic much better than MT6 in my opinion.
  8. LOWI Innsbruck My Final Shots.

    Typical just had two weeks off work, and now I'm on again tonight for ten nights. Can't wait to finish my set of nights so i get to fly here.
  9. San Diego International Airport - FULL PROJECT

    Looks great, one question though, are the animated jetways SODE or a custom type?
  10. Would like to know this also.
  11. Announcing LEBB Bilbao Airport

    Looks great, any chance of some pics of the airport?
  12. Project A

    Looks amazing.
  13. Had a good laugh at this.
  14. Cairns P3DV3.