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  1. Wanting to fly to Israels Farm in X Plane There is a warning not download Israels Farm airstrip because will be include in an Enhancement Pack for those customers with Washington True Earth installed Is it coming soon? xxd09
  2. Sorry-could not get them on one load!
  3. A trip down memory lane-remember the squirrel!
  4. Arrival at Plum island
  5. Wealthy oil men out of Valdez on snowy winters night to Yakutat
  6. Took the Cessna 310 for a dawn flight at Veronia (05S)-out and back
  7. Milviz Cessna 310 over Roseburg Regal(KRBG) Orbx PNW- AS,SkyForce,EnvForce,PTa and P3D4.5
  8. The new Weather Addons take a bit of setting up and seem to be causing lots of problems Everything here is running in Automatic mode -would tweaking make it better-possibly but I want to fly! Combined with Orbx Scenery the ordinary tech illiterate can now get in some stunning flights Hats off to all the Programme Designers! xxd09
  9. Active Sky,SkyForce,EnvForce,Orbx PFJ RealAir Legacy xxd09
  10. VSKYLABS Scheibe SF-25C Project v1.1
  11. Hope this is not gaming the system! xxd09
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