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  1. Sorry to hear that -sounds like a problem out with P3Dv5 The update path I was referring to can be found in P3Dv5 forums Entitled “Installing a P3Dv5 Hotfix correctly “ by Nick posted on May1st Not sure it’s relevant because it needs a installed P3Dv5 setup I must confess my computer shop did the wiping and reformatting -beyond my abilities Hope you get it sorted xxd09
  2. I finally in despair at my advanced expensive pc with win 10 not accepting Win 2004 update wiped everything clean reformatted and reinstalled P3Dv5 Problem solved Now on P3Dv5.1hf1 with Nicks update path Still good xxd09
  3. Had to take some opportunity to thank Nick for his clear P3Dv5 update instructions of May 1st Poppet used to do the same business on the Avsim board Just done an update from v5 to v5.1 hf1 All good All Carenado’s working Flight1 GTN 750/650 working Appear to have all my Addons inside the P3Dv5 folder and in the Documents/P3Dv5 Addons folder present and correct Whew-looking good so far! Thanks again Nick xxd09
  4. Just a further note from me Emptied my MSFS 2020 Community Folder-put the AddOns in a new folder MSFS 2020 performance returned to normal Started adding AddOns one by one and checking as I go Must confess to have gone a bit gang busters on AddOns as there were so many interesting ones to try out Learnt my lesson One area that caused me problems was Liveries If you add more than one livery to the base livery -it can cause problems Planes I was having trouble with were XClub Crafters and Cessna 172(G1000) Anecdotally over on the Avsim board I read
  5. Very interesting thread We all have to reinstall some time I am approaching this point with MSFS 2020 I was blaming all the AddOns of which there are so many but the basic corruption of the sim itself due to multiple updates is possibly more important Been through this with the many reincarnations of P3D so I suppose I should not have been surprised I have the boxed version of MSFS 2000 so a reinstall is putting me off a bit as perhaps more technically more challenging to a tyro than P3D or the MSFS 2000 Internet download Have to grasp the nettle some day soon
  6. While I am still off piste! A Rainbow -a first for me in a flight sim! Out of Quatam River in Jan-Full Snow,Full Precipitation and Scattered Clouds xxd09
  7. Slightly off piste An acceptable Tipella in MSFS 2020 No squirrel I am afraid xxd09
  8. Thanks for very prompt and informative reply xxd09
  9. I want to use TerraFlora but if I do my Monument Valley scenery is covered in trees! I only use Orbx in XPlane 11 I am sure TerraFlora works well elsewhere in Orbx Sceneries but not here-for me anyway Anything I could do? xxd09
  10. Thanks for that It was the Rain gauge in my Sibwings An2 that sorted it for P3Dv5 We are just impatient simmers! xxd09
  11. Are Milviz planes available for P3Dv5? xxd09
  12. Could it be the version of Win 10 P3Dv5 certainly prefers Win 10 v 2004 xxd09
  13. If you look in Settings-Widows Update-Update History That should let you know xxd09
  14. vfr_steve. What Win 10 version-2004? xxd09
  15. Thanks for that I am beginning to realise how the Win 10 version that people are using is assuming the same importance as their computer specs I have been stuck on v 1709 and looking forward to improvements as I update I did have to involve my local computer shop as all my efforts to update failed xxd09
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