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    La Misty

    Always impressive Well done xxd09
  2. Can I amplify my previous post I use prefixes ie “a” for airports to order scenery in XPlane Works well but not for Orbx because prefixes mean FTX Central cannot see the Orbx files properly In fact I use “a” for Orbx airports and “v” for mesh,orthos and everything else Orbx (Orbx own internal ordering system seems to place these files in the right order) Everything stays in proper place and I can fly without worrying Not a satisfactory set up and I have to keep an eye for updates Any other way I could try-am I missing something? xxd09
  3. Any thoughts on Thomas Rasmussen,s system for ordering scenery files in X-Plane by the use of prefixes ie “a “ for airports etc Prefixes won’t work.with Orbx as FSX Central cannot see them for updates etc Any compromises? Work arounds? Is it a sensible system? xxd09
  4. A fine little plane and free! xxd09
  5. Did Poppets two step Repair procedure- from Avsim P3D TPS ,Tricks and How To,s board All working now Have some AddOns to restore but that’s all xxd09
  6. Thanks Nick for your prompt reply Will try you suggestions-it looks so good in XPlane -now for P3D! xxd09
  7. Thanks Nick It was a good download then so I will look elsewhere for problems P3d scenery loads but crashes at the black screen point just before the airport appears Any suggestions? xxd09 PS What are TENL products?
  8. Perhaps I should uninstall and try installing again but is such a large file I am loathe to take that option unless there is no other way I would like an explanation of the “!” Interrogation sigh appearing in the Downloaded file xxd09
  9. I have loaded this item in my P3Dv4.5 setup My P3D setup does not seem happy with it and crashes I note that the 4 files in the Scenery folder concerned have a ! present-I have not seen this before ie. FTX_EU_!GBS_06_CVX Is this a bad download? I have run verify files but no joy What to try next? xxd09 PS Same scenery loaded fine into my XPlane setup
  10. I unticked the box “Runways follow terrain contours “(requires scenery reload) in the General part of Settings and lo the runways were flat! Got to agree -a great piece of scenery -great shots-but I do miss the active waterfalls of P3Dv4! xxd09
  11. Thanks Nick for your prompt reply I have Aerosoft Lukla--will try disabling/removal and report back xxd09 Disabling Aerosoft Lukla did the business -all now good! Thanks again xxd09
  12. I finally up graded to P3Dv4.5 Hotfix 2-Client only as I usually do All good but I notice a lack of trees around my Washington airstrips-Israel’s Farm etc I have all the Orbx items for this area Verfied all relevant files from Global Base onwards-all OK Put Vegetation Autogen slider up to max but only helps a little Anything else I could try xxd09
  13. I suppose the elephant in the room is LLH Creations who do these sloping Airports in FSX and P3D -but not XPlane I have enjoyed flying to Courcheval,Meribel,Alpe de Huez,Megeve and Peysourdes/Balestas in both sims All have sloping airstrips in varying degrees xxd09
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