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  1. I guess buying the extra packages of FTX, for example, New Zealand, are totally compatibile with FTX Global. Should they go on top of the load order because they are more detailed, higher even than UTX?
  2. Thanks for the answers! Really appreciate it! Do any of the upgrades we mentioned do any good for improving the cities to look like more like their real life counterparts? From what I understoon, it's FTX Global + UTX + REX at the moment?
  3. Hi all, I am thinking of buying FTX Global, even though it was a pain in the ass to get some proper information about what it is from the site . The thing is, can someone suggest some other products that can complete the game, because FTX Global is not enough for me. I know about UTX and REX and GEX etc, but I want to ask more experienced people than me. What is the best combination in order to have as close to VFR as possible, including cities, landmarks, etc? I love FTX Global and how it offers a unified solution, but can you offer some advice to the rest? Please use a PM if it's off topic. Thanks again.
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