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  1. I can see myself moving to MSFS 2020 as long as A2A aircraft are available, and I can (re?)purchase my favorite ORBX airports. Personally, the allure of 100% world coverage with photogrammetry geometry is overwhelming. It's exactly what I was hoping to happen sometime in the next decade - and it's here already! I suggest everyone watch the MSFS 2020 Developer Q&A if you haven't already. Answers a ton of questions, and honestly, helped me overcome some of my initial skepticism.
  2. I am 100% in favor of photoreal regions. I hope this foreshadows more in the future. I'd be very happy to never fly over landclass again. Thanks for pushing the envelope - even if it requires pushing me in to another computer upgrade. Is there a coverage map? - reread the OP and saw its the entire country.
  3. I was just playing Dirt4 today, coincidentally. Awesome hardware. I could save maybe 4K toward something like this, but I'm guessing it's gonna be more like 10+. Also, should go with the new Samsung 49" ultrawide instead of screens with bezels. Wallet says no.
  4. I am going to go back and read every word of this thread when I have my tablet in front of me. Really cool stuff and I appreciate you sharing.
  5. Following is a 3D speed tree - modeled 3d trunk and branches. Default trees, Orbx trees, even Orbx HD trees, are just 2D cards intersecting one another. I suppose you can turn off the 2D trees and use 3d speed trees, but they will be less dense and hit the performance. Orbx HD trees will be an upgraded 2D tree, just like it is now.
  6. My thoughts exactly. I can be patient with everything else if I have to.
  7. Thanks for this info as well. This is absolutely critical. You've made my day JV.
  8. Thanks for sharing JV. This moment could not have come soon enough. Looks incredible. Can't wait to upgrade. [runs to A2A forum to see if planes are compatible]
  9. Yes my bad I meant Accufeel, not Accusim. I do know the difference. I can also tell you that Accufeel works in P3D. Can install with Migration Tool or by creating a dummy FSX.exe in your P3D folder. I don't use it anymore because ChasePlane covers many of my favorite Accufeel features. I have a feeling the 2 addons would conflict. Accufeel working natively and built-in to FSW is brilliant. It also means that A2A may already be working with DT. I am pleasantly surprised and am gaining confidence in this product. If it has a solid ATC, and will be compatible with Orbx products, REX, ASN and A2A Accusim, I will buy it for sure. Licensing the A2A Accusim aircraft for the 3RD TIME will sting a bit.
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