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  1. I'm in found the links to Xbox ..had to change my password a couple of times but it worked
  2. My brain is fog! I have hardly touched my FSX in 2 years ..digging through my desktop finding all kinds of stuff.. Can't remember how to start a Cessna ! Anyways I have a question Im hoping someone can answer . I have Microsoft Flight 2012 on my PC as well and Im curious to see if I can still use it. I know it was Xbox online before but Im sure there is a way to play offline. Anybody know? Thanks Merry Christmas
  3. It's been sooooooooooo long...once again. Too many distractions I don't even have time to turn my flight PC on. When I do it takes an hour to update.
  4. I got it. Thanx I swear I had the freeware packs added to my account eons ago,
  5. For the life of me I cannot log in there. Tried 100 times . Wont reset my password.
  6. I see an announcement for the new Freeware pack. I for the life of me cannot remember how to download those packs? I can't see them in FTX Central.
  7. Been gone for a while , I see some new sims out. Is FSX still number one (in use) or is there a new one in town since 18 months ago?
  8. I know...but I had to figure out how to start FSX...I'll stick to the Cessna for a few hours
  9. I haven't turned on my flight PC in a year! I can't remember a darn thing! I started having migraines in Jan 2017 which kept me away from PC screens only flew a few times last year. Now I have to relearn to fly!
  10. Thanks Larry, I just updated the Orbx Libs before flying so I will try your other suggestion tomorrow
  11. This forum is a real pain in the backside..you can't load a simple small pic without using a third party site. Time for an update?
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