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  1. Francois does the best ever list. https://francoisouellet.ca/en/Orbx-freeware-and-payware-list/ Cheers...Derek
  2. Got Orbx Central? Click on the settings icon up in the top RH corner then click "notifications" which is down under the "accounts" section. In there you will find options to be notified when sales occur and also to subscribe to email marketing. You can also follow Orbx on Facebook.
  3. You do a really fantastic job with this list. Thank you very much Francois. Derek.
  4. There was a guy sweeping up at YTMU Tumut yesterday.
  5. McDonald's ad? I'll have to keep a look out. Just remember thinking it funny at the time.
  6. Saw a brilliant cartoon recently (can't remember where). Grandad was in bed sleeping with his false teeth in the glass by his bed and this little girl was sneaking up to steal them with the intent to cash in big time with the tooth fairy.
  7. 51 years in $#&** Oz and I still have my &*##@*! Scottish accent tempered with the *&&%*##@ Australian/Profanity that Pat Cox (%&$##$Aussieman) talks about. Cheers....Derek
  8. The AI Traffic for North America only has installers up to P3D v3 but perhaps a P3D v4 installer is in the pipeline? (hope so) If you check the freeware section of the website you'll see that Australia & New Zealand has two AI options. One for FSX and P3D up to v3 and another separate one for P3D v4. Cheers...Derek
  9. Hi Tummi, Have browse through the "Flight Plans" section of the forums. You'll find short flights, longer tours and all sorts of inspiration in there. Cheers...Derek
  10. Second that Jack, and also big thanks for last Monday's LSGK freeware. Great stuff.
  11. Tutorial flight is a pinned topic in the "Flight Plans" forum.
  12. Let's not look the gift horse in the mouth boys. When I bought LC Canada/Alaska 12 months ago I paid A$15.95(with senior's discount). Two days ago when I bought the full LC NA I was compensated for my original purchase with a discount of A$22.50. So by my reckoning I'm still A$6.55 in front (and enjoying a brilliant product to boot )
  13. Also scenery available form Ant's Aussie Airports at http://www.antsairplanes.com/scenery.html
  14. FSX Steam Edition will run everything which was originally for the boxed edition. OZx have combined a lot of airports and scenery into packages for easy downloading so you would do well to head on over to their web site and check it out and also when you are on the FTX freeware page for the AU Holgermesh, see the seven Aussie airports available for download. Cheers...Derek
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