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  1. Hi guys, A while ago I tried from LOWI (regularly installed and updated), and I noticed this problem with the lights. They have a strange halo around them and are ugly to behold. Could anyone tell me what effect that type of light refers to? So that you can eventually restore the files, maybe some other addon has changed something.
  2. Thanks for your jobs! Wait for this fix. Repeat, Again, the ESGG scenario is superb and I don't want a little bug to spoil the experience on that scenario.
  3. I replied after some time because I was away for work and could not test with the sim. However, I am not aware that the problem is very limited, quite the contrary. Maybe many write it on facebook without writing it here on your forum. And anyway, is it so difficult for a scenario creator to try, at least try, to understand where the problem might come from? I am open to any test, but please let's try to solve the problem together, it is not a simple flickering, especially the runway and most of the apron are affected a lot by this problem that ruins the flying experience on the scenario, betw
  4. Hi, reinstall now...don't resolve... I am really disappointed because the problem is very marked in the scenario. I don't understand how a scenario developer doesn't understand what the problem is, by the way it's not just me who has this type of problem and not all scenarios have this problem.
  5. Hi, yesterday fly to ESGG on my p3d v5 hf2, with last version of my Orbx addons, also ESGG, but...have a bad problems related to angle view. Record two video for better view problem. It's possible help me? Thanks advance Gianluca Balloni
  6. Today found same problems on my sim, p3d v5hf2 at ESGG. Any news about solve this very bad problem?
  7. Great!!!! And it's possible add the missed ctrl fx for other scenery with same problems, like LOWI? Thanks advance!
  8. Hi, when arriving at LOWI don't see any dynamic lights. Other lights works well, but i don't have a dynamic lights effects. I think it is missing the ctrl for fx effects, but, it's possible Orbx fix this very very old and boring problem?
  9. Yes, missed control effects for dynamic ligts. Same problems on LOWI.
  10. Hi on my p3d 4.5 (last hotfix and fresh install of this, no update from previous version) with OPEN LC Europe, ORBX Base and ORBX Norway (and trees), have this texture issue in some parts of norway. In example this issue found around ENHD airports (default apt). Any idea to fix? In this test use real time and season.
  11. Only solution for DL not works when arriving is only insert a controller fx for DL. Estimated time for insert this small fix (but important!)?
  12. Yes confirm...if enable lights for day...taxilights (and runway lights in my case) don't works. Please fix this issue, thanks!
  13. ...for technical info... In ESSA dyn lights is: fx_ORBX_White_Round and fx_ORBX_Yellow_Round_Huge files. Well...this 2 fx don't have a controller...and dynamic lights don't works when arrive at ESSA (ok if depart from ESSA). Well...try to add a controller for this 2 fx and 100% dyn lights works
  14. No...because i test the scenery with problem and if add a correct ctrl for dynamic lights fx, the lights works also when arriving. I research in your products...and...when dyn lights don't works when arriving...like ESSA or LOWI, ctrl miss. Only normal fx for dynamic. I try in other scenery with same problems and solved simple add controller for fx. Try in your scenery and report...first test with ESSA. Logic, your scenery have a copyright and my personal "mod" use only for me and reports results on this thread for eventual your official fix. I don't share any mod.
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