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  1. Was this already fixed?. In Orbx Central it's still v1.0.0. Cheers, Ed
  2. Hi: Regarding the new P3Dv4.5 HF#3, all Orbx products are already compatible?. Where I can find the information on which of them are or are not compatible?. Thanks, Ed
  3. Thanks Mitchell, problem solved. Regards, Ed
  4. As you probably know, SODE was updated earlier today to v1.6.8. I used its stand-alone installer downloaded from SODE's website and updated it already to v1.6.8. In Central I'm having the message that a newer version is available (in fact, it points to v1.6.7, now superseded by v1.6.8), because several weeks ago I mistakenly installed SODE using Orbx Central while I had installed it before using its own stand-alone installer on its default installation directory (C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE). As per the picture below, it's evident that Central recognizes I have already v1.6.8 on my computer (and I can also confirm that SODE is working well here). What should I do to delete in Central to avoid it calling for an update, when the original installation and the recent update was already performed in the way described before?. Thanks for your help, but find annoying those update messages. Cheers, Ed
  5. Hi Larry, clear enough, thanks so much. I like the new effects very much. I saw a video yesterday at AVSIM showing the new effects and they look a lot better than the default ones. Thanks for your help. Cheers, Ed
  6. Someone knows if the new waves effects will only be noticed in this PNW scenery/region, or will it be valid for the entire sim?. Thanks, Ed
  7. I fully agree with and support Rob's suggestions. For me it's difficult to understand why ORBX Central is not able to do this right now (I'm talking about allowing the users to select the install directory of the OldProp or //42 products), if originally OC was designed with the intention to facilitate the migration of all (or almost all) the ORBX files to locations outside the P3D root, to the newly user-created ORBX libraries, which for most users mean to locations outside the P3D root and outside of the OS drive, if they choose to do so, for the reasons already mentioned above. Ed
  8. Hi: I own openLC Europe and just want to confirm if it's needed or not needed, or can work together or not with TrueEarth Netherlands. Please explain. Another question is if TE Netherlands can be installed without issues out of the sim root in an external library created with ORBX Central?. I'm considering buying TE Netherlands. Thanks, Ed
  9. Please keep us updated about your findings. Want to know if with the current ORBX Central's v4.0.23, after you migrate, install a new global product, region or airport or re-install any of those, you get your scenery.CFG layered correctly or it's still mixed-up. Thanks, Ed
  10. Look at this thread too (it's about the same issue as follow-up): Hope this helps. Cheers, Ed
  11. Look here, this was discussed months ago (by mid-August): Surprisingly this bug (big mess, I would say, instead) continues to affect a lot of people even using the very latest ORBX Central v4.0.23 . My solution to this has been to manually reorder the scenery.CFG after it has been messed-up by ORBX Central, and I've been doing that since the very beginning, v4.0.1, using the excellent tool Lorby-SI Addon Organizer (P4AO). Once inside your Scenery.CFG file, you should check your openLC entries and your Vector entries, and put all of them in the right order yourself. Keep a backup copy of the "good" Scenery.CFG in case it's messed-up again, you'll needed it. Seems that ORBX is still lost in space with this problem. Cheers, Ed
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