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  1. Well, nice answer, but really hope you can improve an already excellent product. There's no need to take the observations as an "emotional issue", it's just facts. Cheers, Ed
  2. Well, that to me is an over simplification, just because for power transmission it's impossible to have a single type of structure representative for an entire state. In that case different vector elements should have been used. Anyway, this is probably not a very important detail for most people, and I also understand that the 3D modeling of a large amount of power lines like the existing ones in the vicinity of Turkey Point would impact the scenery heavily from the performance point of view, but honestly I still think that single pole structures are just a joke and it's a minus consider
  3. Hi Larry, thanks, I'll check those poles more closely in-sim. The power lines leaving the Turkey Point's FP&L plant in South Florida are not like these ones, for sure. Look to the pic below, taken from public information on the internet, they're power transmission lines of about 760 KV each, with three different phases, so a single pole tower could never represent them. Probably something to consider on a future update. For sure you already have similar 3D objects from other scenery (like Vector), so maybe something not to difficult for you to add, unless other limitations like p
  4. Hi Larry: Thanks so much for your answer. Please look at the three pics below taken in the proximity of the Turkey Point Nuclear Plant in Homestead, FL. This power plant supplies electricity to every city in South Florida and for someone who would like to see tons of metallic structures of Power Transmission Lines, is undoubtedly the place to go. Regretfully, for some reason, none of these 3D objects are shown in the current TE scenery. If you look close enough in Pic 2, under the left tip of my aircraft, there are ground marks (in the photoreal terrain) that clearly indicate the loc
  5. Hi, here I go again. Please take a look at the attached pictures. With TrueEarth US FL enabled, some objects that used to show close to the top of the RWY19 at KVPS (Valparaiso-Eglin AFB) are now not present. These objects are like Power Lines, Tanks, Antennas (and maybe some more). These pictures were taken with TrueEarth US FL disabled, at the same place. So, can I conclude that TrueEarth US FL changes the way prior objects are displayed?, or it's simply wrong and previous existing objects should still be displayed?. Please clarify, just to know if I have to do or no
  6. You should check other posts in this P3Dv4.5 support forums where this compatibility issue is being addressed already. Cheers, Ed
  7. No problem Doug, our State is certainly big, there are places I've never been before and I guess I'll never visit. Cheers, Ed
  8. Hi: After installation of TE US Florida, I'm not seeing the powerlines (and some other objects like tanks) I was used to see near KVPS (Valparaiso, Eglin AFB) and KDTS (Destin) anymore. I think these objects were originally added by VECTOR, but now it seems that they were overridden by TE US Florida. Is that the way it works or it's something that shouldn't be or is not expected?. I'm using the same set of sliders for autogen and scenery complexity than before installing TE. Cheers, Ed
  9. As Larry said, it only happens in the north side of the state, where KTLH is. Cheers, Ed
  10. Hello: Certainly, my autogen sliders are intentionally a bit to the left, to avoid performance loss. In some parts of the scenery I've noticed a negative impact on FPS. I'm still experimenting with the sliders. Thanks, Ed
  11. Look at the pics over the area. I took off from KTLH RWY27 (heading West) and flew right to the west (HDG 270) for about twenty minutes. I also didn't observe any bumps during take-off from KTLH. I suggest you perform a "Verify Files" action to make sure your download went right, probably you have some data corrupted. Cheers, Ed
  12. Could you pls post the coordinates to see how it looks on my setup?. I explored a bit the entire state and did not see anything similar, but better would be to check it out. Cheers, Ed
  13. You should have it inside your list of installed products in Orbx Central. Cheers, Ed
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