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  1. Is FSX Acceleraton Required

    OK. I give..........But wouldn't it be logical to include the fact that Acceleration is required for "stuff" to work properly? I've never seen anything on the product pages that says functionality will be lessened if Acceleration isn't installed. I'd still like someone to briefly explain what will be missing without Acceleration. Just doing an uninstall seems a bit drastic especially since we have no idea how to identify the missing pieces as we don't know what they are to begin with. I'll shut-up now.........Doug
  2. More totally useless VAS numbers...........

    Great tip Renault. I didn't know about that program. I'll try it..........Doug
  3. Is FSX Acceleraton Required

    Good job Gary. I'm glad you got is all sorted..............Doug
  4. Is FSX Acceleraton Required

    This is an interesting question. Maybe one of the devs can give us a clue. Given that you can install SP2 as a stand-alone, is there any requirement for Acceleration at all? As far as that goes, is there any requirement for SP2? If Acceleration is required what, specifically, does ORBX use from that package to display scenery? And, if Acceleration is not required what, specifically, does ORBX use from SP2? I've always been under the impression that you could use ORBX products with just the Deluxe Edition of FSX.....but CRS is a terrible disease.
  5. More totally useless VAS numbers...........

    Easy to do Joe.....once the sim is loaded look at the title bar and click on "Add-ons". Next click on FSUIPC in the drop down menu. Once the FSUIPC tabs appear click on "Logging". In the next screen you'll see a bunch of stuff. On the right there are four columns titled Base, Offset, Type, and Hex. Under Base everything shows IPC. On the first line put a value of 024C in the Offset column and select S32 in the Type column. Then on the bottom left check the box for FS Title Bar. The next time you run the sim you'll see a number in the upper left on the title bar. This is the remaining VAS. In other words, that's how much Virtual Address Space you have left before the sim dies with an Out-Of-Memory error. If this doesn't make any sense just say so and I'll try again............Doug PS: That value in the Offset column is zero24C (not the letter O24C)
  6. Is FSX Acceleraton Required

    IMNSHO you do not need Acceleration installed. Simply install the service packs (and I'm not sure even those are required). There is more to Acceleration than just the service packs and the other stuff is not required for ORBX. Where has ORBX stated that Acceleration is required? I'm not trying to start an argument and will freely admit I might be mistaken. I'll also admit that I was wrong on a second-grade addition problem back in 1950 and all my pencils have erasers attached..........Doug
  7. Is FSX Acceleraton Required

  8. It's been a slow day here. After spending 90 minutes at the gym this morning I realized I really had nothing more to do for the rest of the day. So.....I installed P3Dv3 (I already had FSX and P3Dv4 installed) and decided to see what the VAS differences were. I set up a test flight KMRY-SNS-SJC-KSFO and ran it through all three sims. The only add-ons were a full set of ORBX scenery. All the sliders were full-right and I used the default FSX C172. Here's the VAS usage on arrival at KSFO (as measured by Process Explorer): FSX 3597860 KB P3Dv3 3272594 KB P3Dv4 7288312 KB What does all this mean? I have no idea..... Doug
  9. Is there any discount available?

    Welcome to the forum(s). Nothing is available now but there are usually two sales per year. Dates to be announced..........Doug
  10. Blue skies...............
  11. That's not going to happen in my lifetime. Over the last 10 years I've managed to accumulate 585GB of addons for FSX. That includes 244 aircraft products, 172 ORBX scenery products (that's all of them), and 403 other scenery products. I find flying with FSX just as satisfying as flying with P3D. I'm much more interested in navigation and procedures than I am eye-candy. In fact, the only reason I bought P3Dv4 is to get out of the OOM problem(s) when flying long distances using complex aircraft and airport scenery. FSX, for me, is here to stay (and I don't think I'm alone). I believe Nick has it right............Doug
  12. Unfortunately it's a 1TB. That's the bad news. The good news is that I got it at no cost (gift). But you're right, the day is coming that I'll have to add more capacity......it's a never-ending cycle..........sigh.........
  13. I finally got enough SSD space to fully install all the ORBX products in both FSX and P3Dv4. FSX took 333GB and P3D took 334GB. Now I'm off to explore.....Doug
  14. Global Base Pack

    John linked to your post because it's one of the best.....great job.....Doug
  15. gigantic column in the Po at Cremona

    I can't help with fixing the problem you have but I wanted to take a minute just to say welcome to the forum(s)..........Doug