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  1. ..........for just the TE state of Washington? If that's really true, and I'm sure it is because JV said it, I'm done with TE products. This stuff is eye-candy-only and has nothing to do with flight simulation. Ever been in a C172/737/747 level-D simulator? I have, and eye-candy has nothing to do with the experience. All this stuff I hear about "immersion" is so far off-base it's almost laughable. I wish ORBX all the luck with these products but I have flown a lot of hours in RL and ,IMNSHO, eye-candy adds very little to the flight simming experience. I have my flame suit on so disagree all you want..............Doug
  2. The issue I had with Acronis 2019 is the new ransomware "feature" called Acronis Active Protection. With that running it was a slideshow. Once I figured out that I had to disable it while simming all was back to normal............Doug
  3. Fair enough. I guess if I could afford the luxury of a second computer for flight-sim only that would be an answer. But, like most folks I suspect, I only have one and that will have to do. Over the years I've tried clean-boots, Black Vipers recommendations, and a host of other "lean-and-mean" stuff. None of that seemed to make a significant difference. Maybe my tired old computer just isn't up to the task...sigh. Thanks for the info and keep the new stuff coming. My credit card is always ready ..............Doug
  4. I agree Stew. And my sims are excluded from all that stuff. But, I don't consider those two items to be "so muc´╗┐h software" or "bloatware". So the question still remains........Doug
  5. I am also an idiot. Acronis 2019 bit me in the ass too........................
  6. Wow...I spent many Saturday nights drag racing at Half Moon Bay in the early 60's. We'd tow up on Saturday afternoon, run on Saturday night, sleep in the truck, and then run Fremont on Sunday afternoon. Thanks for the memories.................
  7. How about number eight........who the hell cares what you think about FPS?
  8. I have everything for P3D installed. And, please, don't ask if I've ever used all of them.........
  9. You're right about the older Honda cars. The first Honda we bought was back in 1992. I sold it to a friend some years later and it's still running. The last I heard (2014) the car had been driven 347,000 miles, still had the original engine and transmission, and didn't burn a drop of oil..........Doug
  10. This is true. In the world of quantum physics time has no meaning. Only in the realm of spacetime does time become relevant. That said, since time has no meaning and, therefore, no direction...why is it that we can remember the past but we can't remember the future?
  11. My wife and I have two cars. One is a 2014 Honda Accord that we use as the daily-driver. The other is a 1957 Corvette that I've owned for 61 years. And, I keep the keys to the 'vette away from my son too (and always have) ..........Doug
  12. Nope. I've always believed anything over 750 HP in the family sedan really isn't needed.................
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