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  1. There is a specific subforum for requesting airports and POIs. That would be the appropriate place for airport requests. Sometimes Orbx even grants your request, as they did for me.
  2. Orbx has always been FSX and P3D centric since its beginning and many of the airport developers are from that world. It makes sense that they are still creating products for those simulators. I was hoping to see conversions of existing Orbx airports to X-Plane, especially in the USA and Australia. Since the products were originally produced for FSX/P3D the developers may not be available or want to convert old projects, wishing instead to do something new for FSX and P3D. Perhaps when Orbx is finished updating products for P3D V5 they will have some personnel available for X-Plane conversions. Now that the Turbulent Designs X-Plane airports are orphans, it would be nice if Orbx offered them and allowed previous owners to transfer the products to Orbx. Since they were already X-Plane 11 products, it seems the change should be easy.
  3. As Orbx has not ported many of their legacy products to X-Plane (as an example, only one Australia product and none for New Zealand) you won't be tempted to spend large amounts of money on heritage products immediately unless you fly in Europe. Orbx sometimes has introductory sales for new X-Plane products, making the cost substantially less if you take advantage of the sale. The default airports in X-Plane are actually quite good and Orbx does not replace those airports when you buy True Earth products for X-Plane. That gives you the option of using default airports until an Orbx product comes on sale.
  4. Just downloaded Glacier Park International and am downloading the BC Water Aerodromes. Thanks to the Orbx crew for making these airports available for P3D V5.
  5. KCVH, Hollister Municipal Airport, California, used to be 3O7. Hope this new P3D version updates the airport info automatically, as X=Plane does.
  6. KGPI, Glacier International Airport, KIDA Idaho Falls Regional Airport, KMBS MBS Regional Airport. Also wondering if these airports will be X-Plane airports for Orbx. Previous information was that KIDA and KMBS would transfer from Turbulent Design and KGPi would be ported to X-Plane.
  7. Michael Brown has videos on graphic cards for X-Plane. Google "video cards for X-Plane 11" to see his videos. I replaced a 1080 card with a 2080 card, was able to move sliders farther to the right in graphics settings while maintaining thew same frame rate. Using X-Plane 11.50b3 I am getting 60fps with the 2080, except when there are lots of clouds. Monitoring on Task Manager, I see that loading X-Plane is CPU intensive and flying is GPU intensive. With either video card, the GPU usage shows close to 100% at the settings I am using. Switching on Vulcan gives me better visuals and a smoother image as well as improved frame rate. I do not have P3D on the PC, so can't provide any information on performance.
  8. You will have to buy them again for X-Plane. There was a discount when Orbx started converting products but that has been discontinued. Orbx periodic sales are the best way of getting a discount on X-Plane products.
  9. if you go to the Orbx Home Page and click on the product you will see the product price in British, US and Australian currency. I always buy my products there instead of using Orbx Central.
  10. My older machine has a 7700k and a 1080 with 8 gig of ram and runs at about 30fps with the sliders fairly high up, so your machine should have no problem running True Earth HD. At one point I was running out of memory in the sim, so increased ram to 64gb. After the ram increase I haven't seen that problem again. Both of my machines have 43 inch 4k monitors and touch screen monitors for running Air Manager and the 1080 works well in my configuration. The only issue I have is an X-Plane specific problem that X-Plane clouds kill the frame rate. If you fly in clear weather your frame rate will be high and you will get to see all the beautiful True Earth scenery:)
  11. I just built a new flight sim rig with 2 M2 drives, a Samsung SSD and a 8tb conventional hard drive, 64 gb ram.. The M2 drives are a 1tb EVO and a 2tb Intel660. The SSD is a 2tb EVO. X-Plane is on the 2tb Intel M2 drive and AF2 is on the 2tb EVO SSD. The 8tb drive is for downloads and backups. When MS Flight 2020 comes out I will add a third Intel M2 drive for it, as my motherboard supports three M2 drives. I have an older rig with SSDs and a conventional hard drive. On that machine X-Plane is on the SSD and the X-Plane library is on the conventional hard drive. I have all the True Earth products installed on both machines. My experience is: I installed the SD version of Northern California on my new PC in a separate library on the Intel M2 drive. I am a GA pilot, flew low altitude from my real life home airport, KCVH, over routes I used in real life. I did not like the ground textures I saw, so uninstalled the SD version and replaced it with the HD version. It looks much better at low altitudes, if your PC can handle the increased load. I am putting the most used scenery on the X-Plane drive, in a separate library. I intend to purchase a 4tb SSD for the less used scenery when my 2tb M2 drive gets filled, as the initial scenery loading is quicker on the solid state drives. I have not noticed any difference in the scenery loading between the solid state drives and the conventional drives while flying in the sim. I can't answer your third question, as I have not tried moving scenery from one drive to another. I have moved scenery from X-Plane to another library on the same drive, didn't have to uninstall and reinstall the scenery. Hope this information is helpful .
  12. It is only a replacement for the default autogen vegetation. It does not remap the tree locations.
  13. Ben McClintock's announcement answered the question I asked about updates. Orbx Central will update the aircraft. Not sure why Nick didn't understand the question.
  14. And to make matters more complicated, DDR5 motherboard RAM is expected to become available this year. I am a platform agnostic, but if you want to use this RAM it looks like AMD will becoming out with CPUs using it. I have data intensive applications that don't use a large number of cores, so more interested in speed than number of cores.
  15. Interesting development for the P3D/FSX world. Will the aircraft be automatically updated by Orbx Central? It was not mentioned in the description of the Turbo Porter.
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