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  1. Great news!. I worked next to the airport in the 1980s, was always a treat to see the B25 parked next to the underpass under the runway. For the definitive story on the airport, watch 16 Right, my favorite airport video.
  2. With the release of Siletz Bay this weekend and Catalina for MSFS Orbx is releasing the kind of airport I started buying Orbx products for. As a GA/business flyer small airports are my preferred destinations. Thanks again for the weekend surprise release.
  3. Is Arlington compatible with True Earth Washington? I have Arlington purchased from another source and it took some manual removal of Arlington files to make it compatible. Seems like Orbx should market versions compatible with Orbx products, or at least let us know if the product is not compatible and what we have to do to make it work with Orbx products. Arlington by Airfoil Labs is one of my favorite airports, but I would prefer a version that does not have compatibility problems.
  4. Just preordered the Airbus control set from Honeycomb. The versatility of this throttle is one more reason to buy it. Hope they come up with a set of controls for generic twin and single engine business jets. X-Plane and MSFS business/personal jets are my favorite fast movers. Easier to fly single pilot than the airliners and usually can use smaller airports.
  5. Throttle is powered by USB on back of throttle. USB C on throttle, cable is regular USB on other end. I preordered three throttles (only wanted two, but somehow ordered three). One directly from Honeycomb, one from aircraft supplier (Aircraft Spruce and Specialty) and one from Flight Velocity. Aircraft Spruce order came first, then Honeycomb and finally Flight Velocity. Returned the Flight Velocity order so someone else could get a throttle at the regular price. Great product, only complaints are the autopilot value rotary knob should be dual concentric to make altitude switching quicker and t
  6. June 5th, 2020 in the Compatibility Forum says airports: yes, Seattle City: no. That is my experience also. The post recommended removing both the airports and the City and reinstalling the airports after the True Earth installation. That worked for me.
  7. Just purchased and installed both Perth and KJAC (Jackson Hole). Only issue is that they must be installed in the X-Plane folder, not a library.
  8. Orbx Partner has just announced KJAC for X-Plane. Hope it will be available on Orbx Store.
  9. Ports from one simulator to another may be difficult, but the two X-Plane airports (KIDA and KMBS) Orbx acquired from Turbulent Designs, promised to be released by Orbx in previous posts, have never appeared. Orbx also stated Turbulent Designs KGPI would be ported to X-Plane, no evidence of that yet. The True Earth team is working on MSFS Cityscapes according to Orbx posts. Other developers are porting X-Plane airports to MSFS, so it appears that X-Plane and MSFS scenery development have some commonality. If that is the case, it might make sense to create some sceneries in X-Plane and port the
  10. Interesting that someone paid for Cityscape Portland, since it has always been freeware.
  11. A2A just gave us a Christmas present with a free P40. Check out the Flying Tigers' aircraft under Freeware. Thanks A2A!
  12. May be a new emergency exit device. When the Lockheed F104 Starfighter came out, the ejection seat fired downward because the designers were afraid the T tail would slice up the pilot. You can see the problem with a low altitude ejection where you would have to go inverted to eject. Lockheed later changed to the normal upward ejection seat. My brother-in-law flew KC 135 tankers for the USAF Strategic Air Command. To escape from the aircraft, a hatch is opened on the belly and the person bailing out hangs from a trapeze bar before letting go (this was in the 1970s, maybe the USAF has a better p
  13. Any chance we will see the J230 with the 3300 engine? More power for us high altitude flyers. Beautiful engines in the Jabirus.
  14. This has been requested at least twice in the subforum for sceneries and POIs, with no response yet. Another developer has a pretty good rendition of the airport and seems to be moving X-Plane sceneries to MSFS. If they intend to create this airport for MSFS there is not much incentive for Orbx to duplicate their effort. This post should probably be moved to the sceneries and POIs subforum. I noticed that Orbx or Partners have released some of the airports requested on the subforum. Might be appropriate for someone from Orbx to update the posts if an airport or scenery has actually been releas
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