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  1. Ben McClintock's announcement answered the question I asked about updates. Orbx Central will update the aircraft. Not sure why Nick didn't understand the question.
  2. And to make matters more complicated, DDR5 motherboard RAM is expected to become available this year. I am a platform agnostic, but if you want to use this RAM it looks like AMD will becoming out with CPUs using it. I have data intensive applications that don't use a large number of cores, so more interested in speed than number of cores.
  3. Interesting development for the P3D/FSX world. Will the aircraft be automatically updated by Orbx Central? It was not mentioned in the description of the Turbo Porter.
  4. If you are more concerned with the accuracy of the runways than the eye candy, X-Plane 's default Bozeman airport has all the runways. Perhaps when/if Orbx converts KBZN to X-Plane they will update the airport and then issue an updated P3D airport. An advantage of X-Plane is that you can become a Scenery Artist and update the airport yourself as it changes. X-Plane also changes the magnetic headings of the airport runways as the FAA releases new runway numbers. Perhaps Orbx could incorporate automatic minor changes such as runway numbers and airport IDs/ radio frequencies in future editions of Orbx Central. Seems like it would not be too hard for LM and Microsoft to incorporate that capability in their simulation software.
  5. And now Intel's Cascade Lake-X to compete with AMD, coming to a computer supplier near you in 2020. Maybe I will have to upgrade my Intel X79 setup:)
  6. Terra Flora replaces the default autogen trees and other vegetation. It does not correct vegetation locations. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Utah!
  7. The beast just flew for 15 minutes on its initial flight. I would compare this to Tesla's first car being a 1956 Cadillac Limousine stuffed with batteries and an electric motor. Looks like a publicity stunt, not a feat of engineering prowess. We have electric propulsion in production sailplanes, such as the Antares 20E (available for X-Plane). An old aluminum aircraft with floats is not the electric future of aviation.
  8. Holger is correct. LM uses Microsoft ESP as the basis for its simulator. It is not Microsoft Flight Simulator. The primary customer for P3D is the Government and they will determine the fate of P3D. LM is a Government contractor in business to make profits for its stakeholders and will do whatever is required to maintain profits. As we have seen with previous Microsoft behavior, having more viable flight simulator choices is good for the community, as they all have features that appeal to different segments of the community.
  9. Go to FSElite and view the November 17 interview with the developers. The video provides information applicable to the discussion above.
  10. The correct answer. Home of the west coast facility of Zenith Aircraft Company. I was at one of their open houses when the photos were taken. Thought the photo of the Zenith might provide a clue. If I had used a photo inside their hanger it would have been obvious to anyone who likes their aircraft.
  11. Locher is also available as freeware for X-Plane and that is what I use for the flight between the two locations. I would still purchase an Orbx version of Locher if it was available.
  12. It does include a version of that airport. The description of the Cityscape is more complete in the preview section of the forum. Also includes the Isle of Palms Airport (That was what it was called back in the 1950s when I lived next door on Sullivan's Island).
  13. This video is why I recommended Orbx do Locher airport. Flying between these locations is one of my favorite flights for the PC12. Not a long flight, but required some skill to perform correctly.
  14. The regional product will replace Global products in the region, and include improved airports in the region. Global products will improve the scenery in area where you do not have a region installed.
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